Universe: The Dark Tower

Year of debut: 1976
Original medium: Novels
Genre: Horror
National/cultural origin: American


Blaine the TrainHenry BowersDonald CallahanJake ChambersEddie DeanHenry DeanSusannah DeanHenry DeaverHenry Deaver ("The Kid")Bill DenbroughGeorge DenbroughRoland Deschain (anchor) • Randall FlaggMike HanlonBen HanscomItEddie KaspbrakBeverly MarshJack MortOyAlan PangbornDanny TorranceJack TorranceRichie TozierLarry UnderwoodStan UrisCarrie WhiteAnnie Wilkes


Losers Club


  • novel Carrie (1974)
  • novel IT (1986)
  • novel Misery (1987)

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