Universe: The Brady Bunch

Year of debut: 1969
Original medium: television (live-action)
Genre: situation comedy (family)
National/cultural origin: American

The Brady Bunch universe is that which surrounds the adventures of a blended family of eight, composed of a divorced woman and her three daughters and a widower and his three sons, the parents of whom remarried, as well as a feisty housekeeper. The core television series is non-fantastical, however, the apparent temporary temporal flux that accompanies my attempt to accommodate the 1990s-era theatrical films, as well as the absurd animated The Brady Kids series are so.


Bobby BradyCarol BradyCindy BradyGreg BradyJan Brady (secondary) • Marcia BradyMike BradyPeter BradyDiana† • Alice Nelson (anchor) • Charmaine Schultz

Historical figures

EuclidDavy Jones • John Kennedy Jr.

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