Universe: Scooby-Doo

Year of debut: 1969
Original medium: television (animated)
Genre: mystery, comedy, horror
National/cultural origin: American


Fester Addams† • Gomez Addams† • Morticia Addams† • Pugsley Addams† • Wednesday Addams† • Daphne BlakeRadley CrownVelma DinkleyDynomuttBarney Fife† • Maude Frickert† • JabberjawFred JonesLurch† • Jonathan MuddlemoreShaggy Rogers (secondary) • Scooby-DooScooby-DumScrappy-Doo (anchor) • Speed BuggyPhil Tinker

Historical Figures

Sonny BonoCherJoe DeRitaPhyllis DillerSandy DuncanLarry FineOliver HardyMoe HowardDon KnottsStan LaurelChris PaulJonathan Winters


Mystery Inc.

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