Universe: Cathy (comic strip)

Year of debut: 1976
Original medium: comic strips
Genre: everyday life, romantic comedy
National/cultural origin: American

The Cathy Universe is, as far as I understand it, a more-or-less "real world"-esque universe. Cathy Andrews appears to be a regular person, and such things as her lack of nose are artistic license and nothing more. I am unaware of any extra-normal events occurring in her stories. The Cathy strip ran from 1976-2010, and it appears that it functions with a sliding timescale. I decided to use a standard 3-to-1 approach for her universe, and center it around the broadcast of an animated Cathy special, which, according to IMDB, aired in 1987, and I set those events there. 1976 being 11 years before, I take it that the events at the beginning of her strip thus take place around 1983, and thus the conclusion of her adventures take place in 1995.


Cathy Andrews (anchor)





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