Timeline: Inception-5000000001 BCE

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13,772,050,827 BCE

  • July 19. The Universe in space-time is formed through the Big Bang1.
  • July 19. A Malthusian scientist (246810 BCE) peers at the moment of inception through a space-time visualizer. This somehow creates the being called the Anti-Monitor, composed of antimatter.23
  • July 19. The USS Voyager and its crew (2372), under Captain Kathryn Janeway, are briefly brought to this era by the Q Quinn.4
  • July 19. The TARDIS briefly appears at this point, carrying the recently regenerated Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka. It quickly dematerializes.5
  • July 19. The Phoenix Force comes into existence.6
  • July 19. Galactus comes into existence.7
  • The Time Trapper pulls a slice of time from just after the Big Bang, creating it as a "Pocket Universe". Over time he prunes that reality of all worlds save for Earth and Krypton.8
  • Along with the physical world, the beginning of space-time brings along with it the nascent formations of various pocket realms, and arcane beings that eventually move into or otherwise affect physical reality. These include the abstract beings.
  • The Universal inception also results in the nexus realm All-World, an aspect of all possible Earths manifesting in the center of the Universe. On All-World the six Beams form, binding all realities. The Beams are bound together by the Dark Tower.9

13,587,912,367 BCE

13,587,912,233 BCE

  • A race of large humanoids decides to share their knowledge with other races. The race gives nuclear energy technology to the species called the Proscillans.

13,587,912,133 BCE

  • The benevolent race are horrified when they learn that Proscillians have annihilated themselves with the technology they were provided. The race takes a vow of non-interference, calling themselves the Watchers, and they choose to spread out and chronicle the events of this universal cycle. The Watcher Uatu travels to what will become the Sol system.

12,849,209,306 BCE

  • Galactus emerges from his incubation, and overcome with hunger, consumes the world of Archeopia. Only a few Archeopians survive the destruction of their world.

10,681,773,147 BCE

  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Vicki Pallister arrive on a planet populated by creatures of light and darkness in a state of perpetual war. They are caught up in the conflict, and the Doctor begins making headway with bringing peace, when some young Light people ignite the dying sun, causing it to go supernova, with the Doctor and friends barely escaping in time.10

7,910,126,311 BCE

  • June 2. Galactus creates a companion in the artificial being Tyrant. Tyrant becomes his herald, seeking worlds rich with life for Galactus, and warning the populace of his coming.

7,910,124,385 BCE

  • Tyrant attempts to destroy Galactus, and the two engage in a terrible battle. The weakened and shrunken Tyrant voluntarily puts himself into exile to avoid Galactus's wrath.
  • The Spinsterhood members place themselves in suspended animation so as to be ready if Tyrant should return.

6,943,741,298 BCE

5,499,308,761 BCE

  • A number of sapient beings that have extremely long lives — apparently due to their monomanias — gather together as the Elders of the Universe. These include the Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), the Architect, the Astronomer, the Caregiver, the Champion (Tryco Slatterus), the Collector (Taneleer Tivan), the Contemplator, the Explorer, the Gardener, the Obliterator, the Possessor, and the Runner.

5,111,222,333 BCE

  • The abstract entity Eon creates the Quantum Bands in order to maintain the longevity of the Universe. It chooses a series of champions over time, starting with the Stygian Galankar.

5,000,000,004 BCE

  • The Redjac entity enters normal space-time.


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