Timeline: 99210-99201 BCE


99204 BCE

  • January 22. Zoe Graystone (16) introduces an avatar of herself, based on her mass media profile, to her friend Lacy Rand (16).1

January 23. A pair of teenage monotheist cultists on Caprica board a commuter maglev train. Their friend Lacy Rand decides not to board. One of them, Ben Stark, detonates a bomb he is carrying on his person. The explosion kills him, his friend Zoe Graystone, and dozens of other passengers including Shannon Adams and her daughter Tamara.
February 6. Lacy Rand encounters Zoe Graystone's avatar in the V-Club.
February 9. Daniel Graystone (48) briefly encounters Zoe's avatar.
February 10. A Global Defense Department agent, Jordan Duram, visits Amanda Graystone (39) and informs her Zoe might have been part of the bombing plot.
February 11. Daniel Graystone forces Lacy Rand to bring him to see the Zoe Avatar. He forcibly downloads her onto his home computer.
February 13. Daniel Graystone brings Joseph Adama into a v-world scenario and offers him the ability to "resurrect" Tamara.

  • February 15. Daniel Graystone creates an avatar of Tamara Adams.

February 16. After Joseph Adama (39) brings a stolen chip to Daniel Graystone, Graystone introduces him to the Tamara avatar, whom he rejects.
February 17. Daniel Graystone downloads the Zoe Avatar into the stolen chip, and installs it in a U-87 battle droid. The datastream breaks down, and Graystone believes the avatar was destroyed.
February 19. Daniel Graystone successfully demonstrates the U-87 for the Caprican Defense Secretary Joan Leyte. He coins the term "Cylon".
February 19. The Zoe Avatar within the U-87 contacts Lacy Rand.
February 24. While attending a memorial for the victims of the terrorist bombing, Amanda Graystone announces publicly she believed her daughter was responsible as a member of the Soldiers of the One.
March 2. The Zoe Avatar and Lacy Rand find the Tamara Adama Avatar and help her escape into the V-World.
March 13. Tauron businessman Tomas Vergis confronts Daniel Graystone about the murder of two of his friends during the MCP theft.
March 14. Terrorist leader Clarice Willow (43) befriends Amanda Graystone.
March 15. The Zoe Avatar meets up with Philomon Alexander for a date in V-World under the alias "Rachel".
Daniel Graystone attempts to force Zoe-A within the U-87 Cylon to reveal herself by mentally torturing it, but fails.
Joseph Adama encounters Tamara-A in V-World, who fakes suicide. He destroys his New Cap City character in his grief.
Amanda Graystone jumps from a bridge in an attempted suicide. She survives with severe injuries.
Clarice Willow is nearly assassinated by her Soldiers of The One rival Barnabas Greeley.
Zoe-A, within the Cylon body, inadvertently kills Philomon Alexander after he reacts to her revelation of her identity, and escapes the Graystone home in a van. She drives into a roadblock, uploading herself into V-World at the same time.
April. Daniel Graystone enlists the aid of the Adama brothers in regaining control of his company.
Jordan Duram enlists Amanda Graystone, staying with the Willow family, as a spy against Clarice.
Clarice Willow assassinates Barnabas Greeley.
Zoe-A finds Tamara-A, and the two decide to become partners in ruling the New Cap City game.
Tomas Vergis visits Daniel Graystone's home, and impales himself on a blade held by Graystone.
Lacy Rand travels to Gemenon for training in the STO. She and new friend Odin Sinclair manage to impress the recruiters during a faked attack on their shuttle. The STO officers kill the youths who failed the test, leading to Lacy reconsidering her group.
Clarice Willow murders her wife Mar-Beth after receiving false information that she was a spy.
Lacy Rand finds she can control the Cylons via voice command, saving the life of one of her friends. As a result she becomes a target of the Blessed Mother. She and her friends kill the leaders of the training group, and set out with an army of Cylons.
May 11. The Guatrau sends men to kill the Adama brothers. Joseph's son Willie (11) interrupts their execution, allowing them to escape. Willie is shot, however, and dies from his wounds.
Joseph Adama murders The Guatrau as vengeance for the death of his son Willie. He swears fealty to the new Guatrau, the former's daughter.
Zoe-A rescues the Graystones from the Willows, killing Nestor Willow.
Clarice Willow's attempt at Apotheosis fails as Daniel and Amanda Graystone manage to stop the terrorist bombings by infiltrating the stadium and using Cylon robots to assassinate the cultists, including Willow's last surviving spouse, Olaf. Willow's "heaven" program is destroyed by Zoe-A.
Lacy Rand and her cadre overthrow the current Blessed Mother, and she installs herself as the head of the faith.
Joseph Adama and Evelyn Emmanuel marry.

99203 BCE

  • Clarice Willow (45) begins proselytizing to dormant Cylons in the V-World, gaining new monotheistic followers.

99201 BCE

  • Zoe-A (3) receives information from the Final Five to help her construct an artificial body.

Zoe-A is downloaded into a bio-mechanical body visually identical to her creator's.


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