Timeline: 99200-99171 BCE


99198 BCE

  • The Cylons rebel against the Kobolite people on all twelve colonies. This is the historical start of the First Cylon War.
  • January 24. The twelve colonies agree to the Articles of Colonization, in which they cede sovereignty to the unified government of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

99197 BCE

  • The Colonial ship Brenik is attacked and boarded by Cylon forces.

99196 BCE

  • The Battlestar Galactica completes construction.

99188 BCE

Ensign William Adama (15) becomes a Raptor pilot attached to Battlestar Galactica.
Cylon forces destroy Battlestar Archeron with all hands lost.
Battlestar Osiris is destroyed in a suicide maneuver.
The Cylons begin experimenting on creating biological Cylons.

99186 BCE

William Adama (17) is promoted to Lieutenant. He receives command of a Viper task force.
The Cylons create the first Hybrid.
The Final Five arrive in the Twelve Colonies.
The Final Five negotiate an end to the Cylon War by secretly agreeing to help the Cylons construct biological bodies with resurrection ability.
The Battlestar Columbia is destroyed in battle with the Cylons.
Lieutenant William Adama encounters the Cylons' Hybrid on a planet.
Helena Cain's (10) sister Lucy disappears during a raid on Tauron.
The Cylons and Twelve Colonies agree to an armistice.
The Cylons depart the Twelve Colonies in search of their own homeworld.

99185 BCE

Bill Adama (18) completes his tour of duty in the Colonial Fleet and leaves military service.
The Cylons establish the base known as The Colony as an outgrowth of the Final Five's vessel.

99184 BCE

March 5. The Final Five create the first biological Cylon model, their Number One, or John. He has the appearance of an older man, as he is patterned after Ellen Tigh's father.

99183 BCE

Bill Adama (20) enlists in the merchant marine service.
September 14. The Final Five, with help from their Number Ones, create a second biological Cylon model, Number Two, or Leoben.
The Final Five recreate the resurrection program and tie all of the Cylons to it, including themselves and Numbers One and Two.

99182 BCE

March 29. The Final Five create the third biological Cylon model, Number Three, or D'Anna.

99181 BCE

March 12. The Final Five create the fourth biological Cylon model, Number Four, or Simon.

99180 BCE

April 9. The Final Five create the fifth biological Cylon model, Number Five, or Aaron.

99179 BCE

April 11. The Final Five create the sixth biological Cylon model, Number Six, or Shelly.

99178 BCE

May 11. The Final Five create the seventh biological Cylon model, Number Seven, or Daniel.

99177 BCE

March 14. The Final Five create the eighth biological Cylon model, Number Eight, or Sharon.

99176 BCE

The Cylon John murders Daniel, wiping out nearly his entire line through the amniotic fluid. Only one copy (2) survives, and goes into hiding, traveling to Caprica and adopting the identity of Drellide Thrace.
November 7. The Cylon John traps the Final Five in a room, killing them. Before they can resurrect, he boxes their consciousnesses. He alters their memories to forget their identities as Cylons, and plans to place them among the human population. He also alters the memories of the Cylons in general, including the other six surviving biological models, so as to forget the Five's identities.

99175 BCE

November 7. John resurrects Saul Tigh (2126) and implants him with false memories of having served in the Cylon War.
Births: Karl Agathon (May 20)

99174 BCE

Bill Adama (29) meets Saul Tigh (2126).
November 7. The Cylon John resurrects Ellen Cavil (2113) with false memories.

99173 BCE

Bill Adama (30) marries Carolanne Leland.

99172 BCE

April 3. Leland Joseph Adama is born to Carolanne and Bill Adama (31) on Caprica.

99171 BCE

Births: Felix Gaeta (April 3)


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