Timeline: 99170-99151 BCE


99170 BCE

April 1. Zak Adama is born to Carolanne and Bill Adama (33) on Caprica.
April 8. Kara Thrace is born to Socrata and Drellide Thrace (5) on Caprica. Unknown to all but Drellide (Daniel), Kara is the first human/Cylon hybrid.

99169 BCE

  • Bill Adama is reinstated in the Colonial Fleet, receiving the rank of Captain. He is assigned to the Battlestar Universal.

99167 BCE

Major William Adama (36) works to get Saul Tigh (2131) reinstated in the Colonial Fleet. Successful, Tigh receives the rank of Captain.

99166 BCE

  • Political activist Tom Zarek (37) masterminds the successful blowing up of a government building. He is caught and imprisoned.
  • Births: Callandra Henderson (February 11)

99164 BCE

William (39) and Carolanne Adama divorce. Carolanne gets custody of their sons Lee (8) and Zak (6).

99163 BCE

Major Bill Adama (40) is reassigned to the Battlestar Atlantia.

99162 BCE

April 7. Joseph Adama (81) dies.

99160 BCE

Drellide Thrace (15) leaves his wife and daughter Kara (10).

99159 BCE

Colonel William Adama (44) is assigned as executive officer on the Battlestar Columbia.

99157 BCE

Teacher Laura Roslin (40) begins her political career.
November 7. Cylon Number One resurrects Sam Anders (2094) with false memories, planting him on Caprica. He begins an athletic career.
Births: Troy Wakefield (January 27)

99156 BCE

Cylon Number One resurrects Galen Tyrol (2093) with false memories. He enlists in the Colonial Fleet as a non-commissioned officer.

99155 BCE

Colonel William Adama (48) is promoted to Commander and assigned command of the Battlestar Valkyrie.

99153 BCE

Ellen Cavil (2134) and Saul Tigh (2148) marry (unknowingly for the second time).

99152 BCE

Cylon Number One resurrects Tory Foster (2089) with false memories. She begins a political career on Caprica.
Battlestar Valkyrie engages in a covert intelligence mission against the Cylons. One of the officers, Daniel Novacek, is shot down and captured by the Cylons.
Commander William Adama (51) and Colonel Saul Tigh (2149) transfer to the Battlestar Galactica, taking the roles of commanding officer and executive officer, respectively.
Richard Adar is elected President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

99151 BCE

Galen Tyrol (2098) is assigned to the Battlestar Galactica.
Laura Roslin's (46) father and sisters are killed by a drunk driver.


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