Timeline: 99150-99146 BCE


99150 BCE

  • Kara Thrace (20) graduates from the Colonial Fleet Academy.
  • Socrata Thrace dies of stomach cancer.

99149 BCE

  • Lieutenant Felix Gaeta (21) is assigned to the Battlestar Galactica as Senior Officer of the Watch.

Flight school instructor Kara Thrace (21) begins a romance with her student, Cadet Zak Adama (21).
Richard Adar is reelected President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

99148 BCE

  • Laura Roslin (49) is named Secretary of Education for the Adar Administration.

A Number Six (31) takes up residence on Caprica. She meets Dr. Gaius Baltar (29), and the two start a sexual relationship.
The Number Eight Sharon Valerii (29) begins service on the Battlestar Galactica. As part of her infiltration, she has her true identity suppressed.
September 20. Zak Adama (22) is killed in a flight school accident.
Lieutenant Kara Thrace (22) accepts reassignment to the Battlestar Galactica after the death of Zak.

99147 BCE

  • The Number Six (32) on Caprica gets Gaius Baltar's (30) father Julius placed in a new retirement home.

Sharon Valerii (30) nearly washes out of the Fleet, but a good word by Commander Adama (56) results in her receiving a reprieve.
Billy Keikeya (23) is hired as Laura Roslin's assistant.
James Lyman (23) begins serving under Galen Tyrol (2102) on Galactica.

99146 BCE

  • Anastasia Dualla (23) is assigned to the Battlestar Galactica as a communications officer.

Cally Henderson (20) begins serving on the Battlestar Galactica as an engineer under Chief Galen Tyrol (2103). She does so to pay for dental school.
Gaius Baltar (31) gives "Caprica Six" (33) codes to the Colonial Defense Mainframe.
December 8. Armistice Station is destroyed by the Cylons.
Laura Roslin (51) receives a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer.
Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama (26) is temporarily assigned to the Battlestar Galactica, leading a squadron of obsolete Vipers for Galactica's decommissioning ceremony. After, he escorts Secretary of Education Laura Roslin and her entourage aboard Colonial Heavy 798 on its way back to Caprica.
"Caprica Six" gives a Number One the Colonial Defense Mainframe codes, and he shuts down the Mainframe.
Lieutenant Kendra Shaw transfers to the Battlestar Pegasus.
A Cylon strike force jumps into orbit of each of the Twelve Colonies, and begins bombarding the worlds with nuclear weapons.
Tory Foster (2095) survives a nuclear detonation and is evacuated from Caprica.
The Cylons destroy Fleet Headquarters in orbit of Picon.
A Number One (38) takes an injured Ellen Tigh (2141) aboard the medical ship Rising Star during the bombardment of Picon.
Most of the Colonial Fleet, including the flagship Atlantia, is destroyed while engaging the Cylons at Virgon.
The Battlestar Pegasus escapes the destruction of the Scorpion Fleet Yards via blind FTL jump.
Cylon forces make planetfall on each of the Colonies.
Most of Galactica's Vipers are destroyed in engagement with the Cylons. The Raptor piloted by Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (31) and Karl "Helo" Agathon (29) is forced to land on Caprica.
Galactica engages Cylon raiders, resulting in heavy casualties.
Secretary of Education Laura Roslin learns she is the highest ranking survivor of Colonial government, and is sworn in as President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
President Roslin begins the gathering of civilian ships near Caprica.
Commander William Adama (57) takes command of the Colonial Fleet's remnants, and orders regroup at Ragnar Anchorage.
On Caprica, Boomer and Helo encounter a large group of civilians, and Helo opts to remain behind, as Boomer takes the children (including Troy "Boxey" Wakefield [11]) and a few others (including Gaius Baltar and Giana O'Neil) back into space.
Boomer's Raptor meets up with Roslin's fleet.
Gaius Baltar begins receiving visions of an agent resembling Caprica Six. This being is a mysterious "angelic" being from the distant future.
At Ragnar Anchorage, Commander Adama engages a Number Two, and learns of the Cylons' "skinjobs".
President Roslin's fleet makes it to Ragnar.
Commander Bill Adama decides the war is lost, and leads the civilian fleet away from Ragnar, helping them survive a Cylon onslaught.
Captain Lee Adama accepts the position of Commander Air Group for Galactica.
Commander Bill Adama leads the fleet to a new destination: the fabled location of the Thirteenth Tribe, Yrth.
December 9. Pegasus commanding officer Admiral Helena Cain (50) executes her executive officer Colonel Jurgen Belzen for disobeying an order he thinks too reckless during a raid on a Cylon communications array. Lieutenant Colonel Jack Fisk takes the role of XO. The Number Six Gina Inviere (33), Cain's lover, is exposed as a Cylon. She is imprisoned.
December 9. Caprica Six resurrects. She begins seeing visions of Gaius Baltar. He is also a mysterious angelic being from the distant future.
December 9. Sam Anders (2105) and his fellow survivors, the Caprica City Buccaneers, begin guerilla strikes against the Cylons, becoming a resistance cell.
December 13. Six days of narrowly eluding the Cylons end as Galactica is forced to destroy the civilian vessel Olympic Carrier, which had been tracked by the Cylons.
December 14. On Cylon-occupied Caprica, Helo is rescued from Cylons by a Cylon Number Eight (31), who begins seducing him, pretending to be Boomer.
December 14. Battlestar Pegasus encounters a fleet of 15 civilian ships. They take "useful" crew, as well as spare parts, abandoning some of the others, and executing still others.
December 16. Number One "Brother Cavil" uses a statuette to first reactivate Boomer's true Cylon identity. Boomer begins having a crisis of conscience as her two sides conflict, her "human" aspect only vaguely aware of her true nature.
December 17. Boomer sabotages Galactica's water tanks while in her Cylon identity, and has a further crisis of conscience. She then manages to find fresh water supplies on a planet nearby.
December 19. On the prison transport ship Astral Queen, a prisoner uprising is started, led by Tom Zarek (57). Zarek and Captain Lee Adama agree to a compromise, wherein the prisoners help mine ice for the fleet's water supply, and elections for President are to be held.
December 21. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (24) begins training new Viper pilots, including Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza and Louanne "Kat" Katraine. Starbuck, out on a training exercise, is forced to abandon her Viper on a moon after a battle with Cylon raiders.
December 22. On the moon, Starbuck takes control of a raider and lobotomizes it, using it to get back to Galactica.
December 24. A Number Five blows himself up aboard Galactica. President Laura Roslin announces to the fleet that the Cylons can be human in appearance.
December 25. A Number One (38) joins Sam Anders's resistance cell, hoping to hear the confession of one of his "fathers".
December 31. The Caprica Sharon and Helo have sex. They conceive a child.
December 31. A Number Six, Shelly Godfrey, implicates Gaius Baltar in the destruction of the colonies. Commander William Adama becomes suspicious, and she escapes their sight with the help of the Number One Brother Cavil, who forces her into an airlock.


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