Timeline: 99145 BCE


99145 BCE

  • January 1. Colonial forces capture a Leoben Conoy and interrogate him. He is ejected from an airlock.1

January 1. Caprica Sharon (31) and Karl Agathon (29) flee from the Cylons as Sharon has fallen in love with her test subject.
January 4. Bill Adama (57) brings Ellen Tigh (2141) to Galactica, where he is reunited with her husband Saul (2155).
January 12. Galactica destroys a Cylon mining base, and retrieves large quantities of tylium fuel.
January 22. In commemoration of Colonial Day, Twelve Colonies President Laura Roslin (51) reinstitutes the Quorum of Twelve. Delegates are selected for the population remnants of each of the twelve Colonies: Alisander Asiel for Aerilon, Miksa Burian for Aquarion, Robin Wenutu for Canceron, Gaius Baltar (31) for Caprica, Sarah Porter for Gemenon, Safiya Sanne for Leonis, Oswyn Eriku for Libran, Elrad Hunt for Picon, Tom Zarek (57) for Sagittaron, Eladio Puasha for Scorpia, Perah Enyeto for Tauron, and Marshall Bagot for Virgon.
January 24. Gaius Baltar is elected Vice President of the Colonies by the Quorum of Twelve.
January 24. Gaius Baltar and Kara Thrace (24) have a one-night stand to celebrate.
January 25. Helo discovers that "Boomer" is a Cylon. He flees, but she later confronts him. He shoots her, but reluctantly stays with her after discovering she's pregnant.
January 26. Boomer (31) and her copilot Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo discover the lost Colonial homeworld of Kobol.
January 26. President Roslin asks Commander Adama to send the Cylon Raider to received the Arrow of Apollo on Caprica. After he denies her request, she goes around him and asks Kara Thrace to do the mission.
January 26. A Cylon basestar attacks Galactica's scouting party at Kobol. Of the three raptors, one escapes back to Galactica, another is destroyed, and a third, including Galen Tyrol (2103), Cally Henderson (20), Gaius Baltar, and Crashdown, crashes down on the planet.
January 27. Starbuck takes the captured Cylon raider and jumps to Caprica.
January 27. Boomer attempts suicide but only manages to injure her cheek.
January 27. Angered over Laura Roslin's interference with military actions, Commander Bill Adama stages a military coup and has Roslin arrested. During the capture, Lee Adama (26) sides with Roslin, and is similarly arrested.
January 27. On Caprica, Starbuck retrieves the Arrow of Apollo, has a fight with a Number Six, and is reunited with Helo. She discovers the other Sharon, who takes the Cylon raider and departs.
January 27. Boomer and Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson set out on a mission to destroy the Cylon basestar over Kobol. It is successful, but Boomer gets confirmation that she is a Cylon.
January 27. Upon return to Galactica, Boomer's programming kicks in and she unconsciously shoots Commander William Adama. Boomer is taken into custody, and Adama is given emergency surgery by a medic.
January 27. Galactica miscalculates the emergency rendezvous point, and spends some time apart from the fleet.
January 27. President Laura Roslin reveals to the fleet she is dying.
January 27. A Cylon boarding party is barely stopped from destroying Galactica.
January 27. On Kobol, a maddened Crashdown is killed by Gaius Baltar after Crashdown nearly kills Cally Henderson.
January 29. Colonel Saul Tigh dissolves the Quorum of Twelve and declares martial law. In response, many of the other ships in the fleet begin protests and refuse to resupply Galactica.
January 29. Colonel Saul Tigh orders the resupplies to continue by force, which results in the shooting of four civilians aboard the Gideon when a riot breaks out.
January 29. Starbuck and Helo meet the resistance movement led by Sam Anders (2105). Sam and Kara strike up a sexual relationship.
January 29. While she is being moved to a new cell, Cally Henderson fatally wounds Boomer.
January 30. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii resurrects on a Cylon vessel in the Colonies.
January 30. Commander Bill Adama awakens.
January 30. Along with Lee Adama, the priestess Elosha, and Tom Zarek, Laura Roslin escapes Galactica.
February 6. On Caprica, Kara Thrace is shot and taken to a "farm", a facility run by Number Fours for experimentation on human women for reproductive purposes.
February 6. Cally Henderson is sentenced to 30 days in the brig for killing Boomer.
February 6. Aboard the Astral Queen, Roslin announces to the fleet that they are returning to Kobol.
February 7. Starbuck escapes the farm with the aid of the resistance. She departs alongside Helo and Caprica Sharon in a Cylon Heavy Raider Sharon procured. She promises Sam Anders she will return for him and their friends.
February 7. Starbuck, Helo, and Caprica-Sharon return to Kobol and join the Astral Queen. Laura Roslin spares Sharon's life when she agrees to help them find the Tomb of Athena.
February 9. Laura Roslin and a small team land on Kobol and begin the search for the Tomb of Athena. They come across a trap laid by Cylon Centurions, and Elosha is killed.
February 9. Commander Bill Adama decides to reunite the fleet, and the fleet returns to Kobol.
February 10. Commander Bill Adama leads a small team to Kobol's surface, and joins up with Roslin's group. He and Roslin reconcile. Sharon Valerii tries to prove her loyalty by stopping an attempted assassination of Lee Adama.
February 10. The party on Kobol finds the Tomb of Athena, and a vague direction to go in search of Yrth.
February 10. The Sharon Valerii from Caprica is placed in the cell once intended for Boomer. Lee Adama resumes the role of CAG.
February 11. Commander Adama holds a ceremony wherein he reinstates the lawful government of the Twelve Colonies and its President, Laura Roslin.
February 20. The Number Three D'Anna Biers visits Galactica and produces a documentary about the crew.
March 7. Cally Henderson (21) is released from the brig.
Galen Tyrol begins construction of a Viper from scratch.
Galactica's Sharon Valerii (32) connects to Galactica's mainframe to destroy a logic bomb, and as a result Galactica's forces are able to easily destroy hundreds of Cylon fighters.
Galen Tyrol completes construction of the new Viper, and names it the Laura.
May 22. The Battlestar Pegasus comes across Galactica and its fleet. Admiral Helena Cain (51) assumes fleet command.
Helena Cain has Lee Adama (27) and Kara Thrace (25) transferred to Pegasus.
May 27. When Pegasus Lieutenant Alastair Thorne begins trying to rape Galactica's Sharon Valerii, Galen Tyrol and Helo (30) stop him, and Thorne is accidentally killed. Admiral Helena Cain orders the court martial of the two Galactica officers aboard Pegasus, causing a standoff between the two vessels. The standoff ends when Kara Thrace returns aboard Laura with intelligence about the Cylon Resurrection Ship.
Admiral Helena Cain promotes Kara Thrace to Captain and Pegasus's CAG after her mission.
May 29. Galactica and Pegasus successfully undergo the mission, destroying the Resurrection Ship. Laura is destroyed, however. Helena Cain and Bill Adama cancel their assassination orders for each other.
May 29. Gaius Baltar helps Gina Inviere (34) escape captivity on Pegasus, taking her to Cloud Nine. Before escaping, she murders Helena Cain (51).
May 30. Commander William Adama (58) promotes Jack Fisk to Commander and places him in command of Pegasus. Lee Adama and Kara Thrace return to service aboard Galactica.
May 30. President Laura Roslin (53) promotes Commander William Adama to Admiral.
June 10. The Demand Peace movement begins making demands on the Colonial Fleet.
June 10. Cylon fetal stem cells are used on President Laura Roslin, forcing her cancer into remission.
June 10. Gaius Baltar gives a nuclear warhead to the Demand Peace movement.
June 20. Pegasus commander Jack Fisk is murdered by Black Market agents. Lee Adama investigates, and kills the head of the syndicate.
Chief Engineer Colonel Barry Garner is promoted to Commander and command of Pegasus.

  • July 1. Aboard Cloud Nine, a grieving widow forces a hostage situation so as to kill the fleet's Cylon. She and her allies are killed, but not before the death of President Laura Roslin's aide Billy Keikeya (25), who dies saving Anastasia Dualla (24).2

July 3. Tory Foster (2096) takes over as aide to President Roslin.
July 17. Lee Adama is promoted to Major and executive officer of Pegasus.
July 18. A major battle with the Cylons occurs in a binary star system. Pegasus commander Barry Garner is killed.
July 19. Major Lee Adama is promoted to Commander and assumes command of Pegasus.
Gaius Baltar (32) announces his candidacy for President of the Twelve Colonies.
Commander Lee Adama promotes Lieutenant Kendra Shaw to Major and executive officer of Pegasus.
Major Kendra Shaw dies on a mission to destroy a basestar. She receives a prophecy from the Cylon First Hybrid before blowing the ship up with a nuclear bomb.
August 30. Caprica Six (34) meets the Number Eight Boomer (32). They realize that a Number Three that introduced them is trying to get them boxed. Sam Anders's terrorist strike destroys the building they are in, and Six and Boomer realize that they can change Cylon society, and they help Sam escape.
August 30. Hera Agathon is born to the second Number Eight called "Sharon Valerii" and Karl Agathon aboard Galactica.[1]
August 31. President Laura Roslin has Hera Agathon's death faked in order to protect her and the fleet from Cylon interests. She delivers the baby to a young woman named Maya Tzedek.[2]
September 1. A large rescue mission departs the Colonial fleet, heading back to Caprica. It is led by a raptor carrying Starbuck, Helo, and Sharon Valerii.
Racetrack and her Raptor accidentally separate from the rescue mission, and discovers a habitable world. She brings news back to the fleet.
The rescue team arrives on Caprica and meets with Sam Anders's (2106) resistance.
September 10. The Cylons come to a vote, and decide to end the occupation of the Twelve Colonies. They abandon all twelve worlds.
September 11. The rescue mission returns to Galactica with its refugees. Sam Anders's group's Number One is revealed as a Cylon, as well as the one serving as a brother on Galactica. The Caprica one reveals the withdrawal of the Cylons before they are both expelled into space.
September 12. Gaius Baltar is elected President of the Twelve Colonies after Laura Roslin decides not to tamper with the results, despite the disaster she foresees.
September 13. Gaius Baltar is sworn in as President of the Twelve Colonies.
September 13. Gina Inviere (34) detonates the nuclear device, destroying Cloud Nine and several other ships.
September 19. The Colonials begin settling on the planet New Caprica.
October 6. The day before her wedding, Cally Henderson has a brief sexual encounter with Brendan Costanza. She winds up pregnant.
October 7. Galen Tyrol (2104) and Cally Henderson marry.
October 10. Felix Gaeta (25) retires from military service and joins President Gaius Baltar as chief of staff.


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