Timeline: 99144-90001 BCE


99144 BCE

January 29. Galen and Cally Tyrol (21) retire from military service and settle on the planet New Caprica.
January 30. Lee Adama (27) and Kara Thrace (25) have sex.
January 30. Kara Thrace and Sam Anders (2106) marry.
January 30. Lee Adama proposes to Anastasia Dualla.
February 21. Lee Adama and Anastasia Dualla marry.
March 4. Karl Agathon (30) and Sharon Valerii (32) marry.
April 30. Galen Tyrol becomes a union leader on New Caprica.
May 29. James Lyman (26) settles on New Caprica.
June 4. Former President Laura Roslin (54) begins working as a school teacher. She takes Maya Tzedek on as her teaching assistant.
September 26. Saul Tigh (2156) retires from the fleet, and he and his wife Ellen (2143) settle on the surface of New Caprica.
September 26. Galen Tyrol (2105) organizes a general strike against President Gaius Baltar (33).
September 26. Cylon forces arrive in orbit of New Caprica and begin an occupation.
September 26. The remains of the Colonial fleet, led by Galactica and Pegasus, jump away from New Caprica.
September 30. Nicholas Tyrol is born to Cally (22) and Galen Tyrol on New Caprica. His biological father is Brendan Costanza.
October 20. The Leoben Conoy (39) of prior association abducts Kara Thrace (26) and forces her into a marriage-like situation. She kills him repeatedly.
A secret resistance movement begins on New Caprica.
Cylons raid the Temple of Athena on New Caprica, searching for weapons. In the raid Nora Farmer is killed.
Felix Gaeta (27) begins a romantic relationship with a Cylon Number Eight.
Felix Gaeta hands a list of people to his Eight, who begins having them executed, but lets some free to keep Gaeta from realizing.

99143 BCE

  • January. Tucker "Duck" Clellan, the lover of the late Nora Farmer, enlists in the New Caprica Police as a double agent.

Cylon agents remove Saul Tigh's (2157) right eye during interrogation.
February 7. Ellen Tigh (2143) has sex with the "leader" Number One (41) in order to free her husband from detention.
February 8. Tucker Clellan blows himself up at a New Caprica Police ceremony.
February 8. Felix Gaeta (27) provides jamming frequencies to the resistance, allowing them to establish contact with the remains of the fleet.
February 8. The New Caprica Police round up a bunch of suspected resistance members, including Laura Roslin (54), Tom Zarek (59), and Cally Tyrol (22).
February 9. Leoben Conoy (40) brings an abducted child, Kacey Brynn, to Kara Thrace (26), claiming she is their child.
February 9. An aggressive Number Five forces President Gaius Baltar (33) to sign an execution order for the suspected resistance members.
February 9. The Number One leader coerces Ellen Tigh into revealing information about the resistance and giving him a map by threatening her husband Saul.
February 9. A group from the fleet, led by Sharon Agathon (33), meets with a resistance cell led by Sam Anders (2107). They are attacked by Cylon forces, but manage to win.
February 9. The people on the execution order are taken to a remote location. James Lyman (26) rescues Cally Tyrol.
February 9. A strike team led by Galen Tyrol rescues those to be executed, including Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek.
February 10. Sharon Agathon begins infiltrating Cylon government on New Caprica.
February 11. Saul Tigh executes Ellen Tigh for her treason. He secretly poisons her.
February 11. The Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus jump to New Caprica, and engage the Cylons. Most of the planet's Kobolite population evacuates to the colonial ships, rejoining the fleet and abandoning New Caprica. During the engagement, Pegasus is destroyed.
February 11. The Cylons abandon New Caprica, departing with Gaius Baltar as their prisoner.
February 12. Vice President Tom Zarek ascends to the Presidency.
February 12. Ellen Tigh resurrects on a Cylon resurrection ship. The Number One Leader keeps her secret from the rest of the Cylons.
February 12. Tom Zarek appoints a special tribunal, the Circle, to try in secret "collaborators" and execute them.
February 13. The Circle executes James Lyman (26).
February 13. Gaius Baltar awakes aboard a Cylon basestar.
February 13. President Tom Zarek appoints Laura Roslin Vice President of the Colonies, then immediately resigns, making Roslin once again President.
February 13. The Circle tries and convicts Felix Gaeta, but before his execution can be carried out, Kara Thrace discovers exonerating evidence.
February 13. President Laura Roslin learns of the Circle, and she immediately dissolves it and pardons all those accused.
Lee Adama takes a voluntary demotion back to Major, taking up the role of CAG on Galactica once again.
Karl Agathon takes a position as interim XO on Galactica.
April 4. Galactica's Sharon Agathon adopts the call sign Athena.
April 4. Kara Thrace and Saul Tigh are disciplined for sowing division among the crew.
April 5-6. After the fleet finds a derelict Cylon basestar, they attempt to use a bioelectric pathogen virus to try and commit genocide on the Cylons by killing the survivors they found and having them transmit the pathogen. Karl Agathon secretly sabotages the mission by killing the prisoners prior to being within range of a resurrection ship.
June 28. Daniel Novacek, long held captive by the Cylons, is rescued.
August 10. The Number One Leader (41) introduces Boomer to Ellen Tigh (2144).
September 12. The Fleet eventually passes into orbit of a planet with large amounts of algae that is amidst a dangerous star cluster. Louanne Katraine dies during the mission.

  • September 19. A confrontation between the Colonial Fleet and Cylons results in the abandoning of the algae planet and a Temple of Five found there. Sharon Agathon rescues her daughter Hera, and Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six are captured and brought aboard Galactica.1

September 20. Number One has the entire line of Threes boxed.2

99142 BCE

  • January 12. Kara Thrace (27) and Lee Adama (29) engage a Cylon raider in the atmosphere of a gas giant. Kara's damaged Viper suffers damage, resulting in her vessel crashing into the planet's atmosphere and exploding, killing her.3
  • Late January. Galactica officer Aaron Kelly is caught after trying to kill Gaius Baltar and his his legal counsel, successfully killing one of them, as well as a guard. Lee Adama resigns from as CAG to serve as Baltar's lawyer.4

98011 BCE

97988 BCE

  • November 4. Kirok5 falls into a crevasse and is somehow frozen into suspended animation.6


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