Timeline: 980-901 BCE


980 BCE

  • March. Jacen Solo (30) falls to the Dark Side of the Force.
  • March 15. Jacen Solo murders Mara Jade (56).
  • Jacen Solo becomes Darth Caedus.
  • A grief-stricken Luke Skywalker, sensing a darkness in within his other nephew Ben Solo (), comes across the sleeping padawan, and considers killing him to prevent his becoming evil. Ben awakens to see Luke looming over him, and reacts and flees.1
  • Ben Solo comes to apprentice with the mysterious Snoak of the First Order, and adopts the Sith name Kylo Ren.

979 BCE

  • November 26. Jaina Solo (32) kills her brother Darth Caedus (32).2

978 BCE

  • December 18. A group of First Order agents, led by Kylo Ren (32), arrive on the planet Jakku searching for the a map to the location of Luke Skywalker. They manage to capture Resistance member Poe Dameron (36), and they torture him for info. His friend the droid BB-8 (8) escapes with the map segment. Kylo Ren orders the massacre of a town, resulting in a crisis of conscience for young stormtrooper FN-2187 (23).3
  • December 19. The mysterious young woman Rey (23), on Jakku, encounters and befriends the droid BB-8.4
  • December 20. The stormtrooper FN-2187 helps Poe Dameron escape the Order's clutches and steal a TIE fighter. Poe gives the stormtrooper a new name, "Finn", which he gladly accepts. They crash on Jakku, and are separated. Finn makes it to a settlement, where he encounters Rey and BB-8. They are attacked by Order forces, and the three escape aboard the Millennium Falcon starship.5
  • December 21. Millennium Falcon is taken by its previous owner, Han Solo (71), and his partner Chewbacca (262). They are forced to abandon their larger vessel aboard Falcon when Han's former business dealings result in its destruction. Han, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 travel to the planet Takodana to meet up with Han's old associate, Maz Kanata.6
  • December 22. First Order forces attack Maz Kanata's castle. They are routed by the arrival of Resistance fighters led by Poe Dameron. Rey is captured by Kylo Ren after an encounter with Luke Skywalker's lightsabre causes her to link with the Force. The rest of the survivors, including the Millennium Falcon and its crew, travel back to D'Qar, where they meet/are reunited with General Leia Organa (61) and other agents of the rebellion, including Admiral Gial Ackbar (119), Nien Nunb (62), C-3PO (154), and an inert R2-D2 (75).7
  • December 23. The First Order's Starkiller weapon is used to kill a number of Republic worlds.8
  • December 23. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn infiltrate the Starkiller in hopes of destroying it and rescuing Rey. Rey manages to escape using her new Force control. Han Solo tries to appeal to Kylo Ren, his son Ben, to rejoin the Light Side. In response, Kylo Ren murders Han (71). Resistance fighter ships manage to destroy the Starkiller, though Kylo Ren barely escapes after nearly killing Finn and losing a lightsabre duel with Rey.9
  • December 26. The map complete, Rey, Chewbacca, and R2-D2, now awoken, travel to a distant world and meet Luke Skywalker (61).10 Luke rejects the idea of helping or training Rey in the ways of the Jedi.11

967 BCE

  • Hebrew King Solomon (22) discovers a pair of brass-colored frogs. The Frogs agree to help him build his temple to Yahweh's specifications, despite them being physically impossible.

960 BCE

  • Nien Nunb (79) disappears, transported through time to 2005 CE on Earth.

958 BCE

  • December 2. The Demon Demise comes into existence on Hyrule.

926 BCE

  • Births: Zrek (May 26)

919 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) brings Nyssa (23) to Traken to try and help her. Meeting resistance and combating the ancient Trakenite god Kwundaar, the Doctor saves Traken and installs Shayla as the first Keeper of Traken.

912 BCE


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