Timeline: 976-1000



  • October 26. The Tan Austria comes into existence in central Europe in its namesake region.


  • October 23. An electroplasmic vortex opens in western North America. It links Earth with the planet Mobius, where sapient genetically-engineered animals, as well as humanoid "Loonies", dwell. For a time, travelers from that world come to Earth, and their infusion of electroplasm gives them unstable molecular structures, allowing them to be nearly invulnerable to normal injury, as well as greatly retarding their aging. They pass these traits along to their descendants, and begin inter-breeding with native Terran life-forms.1



  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (23) arrive on Mondas on the eve of their final ascension as Cybermen. They inadvertently, then directly, try and interfere with the change, helping the populace overcome the directives of their higher-ups to Cyber-convert everyone. Helping install the propulsion system on the planet, the travelers leave, unaware that the Cybermen faked their defeat, and begin assimilating the entire planet.


  • The young Gargoyle second (43) to the Clan Leader (103) is dubbed "Goliath" by the humans of Castle Wyvern.


  • Domnall (15) becomes apprentice to the Archmage Dughlass, taking the title Magus.


  • Muslim general Radario approaches Californian Queen Califia (179) for assistance in his planned siege of Constantinople. She agrees, and sets sail for the Levant with an army of female warriors and a herd of trained griffins.2
  • Califia's Amazons arrive in Constantinople, and join in the siege. The knight Amadís (48) leads the Christian defense. The Amazons begin to overwhelm the Christians with the help of the griffins, so they retreat. The Muslim combatants soon become the targets of the griffins, who can't tell the difference between men. The griffins are made to withdraw, and the battle becomes a stalemate, with the Christians holding the line.3
  • After many battles, Califia and her allies negotiate an end to the siege by agreeing to fight in single combat with the leaders of the Christian defenders. Califia faces Amadís, while Radiaro faces Amadís's son Esplandián (22). Califia falls instantly in love with the beautiful Esplandián. Califia and Radario are defeated. Califia decides to let Esplandián marry his betrothed Leonorina, and instead marries Esplandián's cousin Talanque. She, Talanque, and her people head home to California to convert it to Christianity.4


  • August. The Archmage Dughlass attempts to kill Prince Malcolm of Castle Wyvern by poisoning. The gargoyles Goliath, his mate (46), and the clan leader face off against him in his cave hideout. A magical bolt blinds the leader in one eye. The Archmage falls into a chasm, and is believed killed. He is rescued in his fall by his own future self.5
  • The Clan Leader abdicates, naming Goliath as leader.6


  • June 28. Jareth becomes the Goblin King, ruler of an extra-dimensional pocket realm.


  • August 25. The child Tan Polotsk comes into existence.


  • Half of the Wyvern Clan of Gargoyles sets out to form a new clan.


  • The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is founded in Scotland. The founders are Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin.


  • September 28. A group of refugees from a Viking attack, including Mary (28) and her son Tom (7), are given shelter at Castle Wyvern, Scotland.7
  • September 29. A Viking raid on Castle Wyvern is repelled by the Gargoyles that live there. The bigoted Princess Katharine (18) demotes Robbie, the Captain of the Guard.8
  • September 30. Robbie and Goliath's mate (56) conspire with the Viking Hakon to siege Castle Wyvern so as to remove the human population and leave the castle to the Gargoyles. The two traitors fail to convince Goliath (56) to evacuate the clan, and Robbie changes the plan so that the Vikings attack during the day. Three young male Gargoyles (all 36) and a garbeast (16) are sent to the Rookery in the depths of the castle as punishment for scaring some humans. Goliath and the clan's former leader (116) set out to warn away the Vikings and fail to return to Castle Wyvern before sunrise. Goliath's mate hides at the foot of the cliff.9
  • October 1. The Vikings lay siege to Castle Wyvern. The soldiers are slain, and the peasants and court are taken captive. Hakon betrays Robbie, and the sleeping Gargoyles are massacred. At sunset, Goliath's mate sees the carnage and flees, afraid to face Goliath. Goliath and the former clan leader arrive, and are reunited with the other survivors, the trio of Gargoyle youths and the garbeast. They seek the Vikings for vengeance and to rescue the hostages. Hakon and Robbie take Princess Katharine hostage in fear of the gargoyles' wrath, and flee. Goliath chases them. The Magus Domnall foolishly casts a spell upon the rest of the surviving Gargoyles, cursing them with stone sleep until "the castle rises above the clouds". Goliath saves Katharine, but is denied his revenge as Hakon (37) and Robbie (47) plummet to their deaths. Upon finding himself the last Gargoyle, Goliath asks the Magus to cast the spell on him as well.10
  • October 2. Goliath's mate returns, and flees again after seeing him stone at night. The Magus (28), Princess Katharine, Mary, and Tom take the Rookery Eggs under their care and set out.11

October 2. Via the Phoenix Gate, Demona (1038/1995) pulls her younger self (37/975) to this point to try and convince her to be evil earlier. The younger Demona refuses, and they, along with Goliath (58/1995) return to 975.
October 7. The surviving Wyvern Gargoyle female attacks the human boy Gillecomgain (12). He is scarred on his face, and swears vengeance.


The surviving Wyvern Clan female Gargoyle (38) meets up with the splinter clan and comes to lead them.
July 9. Fey King Oberon (7659) banishes his people from Avalon, including himself, for a thousand years.
Constantine murders Scottish King Kenneth II and usurps the throne, becoming King Constantine III.
September 28. Finella (23), Princess Katharine (19), Tom (8), Mary (29), and the Magus Domnall (28) flee Edinburgh Castle with the Wyvern Clan eggs. They travel to the mystical island of Avalon and have a brief confrontation with the Fey Weird Sisters (all 4775). Unable to bring the Grimorum Arcanorum with them, Finella and Mary return with it to Scotland. The rest reach Avalon.
September 28. The Weird Sisters and two versions of the time-traveling Archmage Dughlass (both 70) form an alliance, and agree to meet again in 1020.
September 29. Constantine III, upon learning of the escape of Finella and the others, vows to destroy all of the Gargoyles in Scotland.


  • Late October. Brooklyn (38/1997) is pulled to this era by the Phoenix Gate Phoenix. He rescues Mary (31) and Finella (25) from a mob, and they begin traveling with him.

The surviving Wyvern female gargoyle (59) discovers that a group of gargoyles has been slaughtered by Constantine III and Gillecomgain (15).
Hunter's Moon. Brooklyn, Mary, Finella, Kenneth III, and Findlaech team up with the Wyvern splinter clan and help depose Constantine III at the Battle of Rathveramoen, who is killed by Kenneth III. The Gate Phoenix pulls Brooklyn, Finella, and Mary out of this era.
Kenneth III is crowned King of Scotland.


  • After an Arabian sultan captures the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (29), he makes Nyssa tell tales of the Doctor. The Doctor escapes with the real sultan, realizing the false sultan is an alien that steals identities. It succeeds, and leaves with Nyssa in the TARDIS, leaving the Doctor amnesiac.12



  • January 1. The Tan Nitra comes into existence in the principality of Nitra in central Europe.

The alien identity thief finds the Doctor's personality and identity too much for it, and it returns with Nyssa (29) to the sultanate, recovering the Doctor (fifth incarnation) after two years partially amnesiac.


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