Timeline: 951-975





  • Births: Kodos (October 29)



  • The knight Amadís de Gaula (24) returns to England to be reunited with his love, Princess Oriana. Amadís and Oriana, previously waiting for marriage, instead consummate their long relationship, resulting in Oriana's pregnancy.1

December 2. Esplandián is born. He is the son of English princess Oriana and the knight Amadís (25).


  • February 2. Dwalin (338), son of Fundin, dies.


  • February 2. Catholic Pope John XII crowns German King Otto I first emperor of the nominal state of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • October 3. The Tan Holy Rome comes into existence in Germany.


  • January 10. The dwarf that will later be known as Sleepy is born in central Europe.


  • February 20. Mary is born in Scotland.
  • October 2. Domnall is born in Scotland.


  • March 15. Sidric Olafsson is born in Dublin.


  • Constantine is born. He is the son of Scottish King Culen.

The Wyvern Gargoyle clan allies with Robbie (24) and Kenneth II's Scottish army. They help depose King Culen.
Castle Wyvern completes construction.
August. The Archmage Dughlass (57) joins the service of Prince Malcolm at Castle Wyvern. He takes the gargoyle female (33) later called Demona on as his apprentice.


  • January 12. Finella is born in Scotland.


  • February 5-6. Hägar the Horrible (32) returns to his home town with his horde. Upon reuniting with his family, he finds his son Hamlet (10) interested in reading, and his daughter Honi (16) having ended her relationship with the trollish Olaf and instead become engaged to a minstrel named Lute. Hägar at first demands Hamlet and Honi give up their desires, but after having a discussion at a tavern where he feels forced to defend his children, he accepts their choices and tries to live with them.2



November 1. The Phoenix Gate deposits Goliath (58), Demona (1058), David Xanatos (40), Fox Xanatos (27), and Petros Xanatos (all 1995) here at Castle Wyvern. Xanatos meets a member of the Illuminati and receives a coin that he has delivered to himself in 1975. The Archmage has the native younger Demona (37) steal the Phoenix Gate. After she and 1995 Goliath and Demona briefly transport to 994, she gives half of the Phoenix Gate to her own beloved, Goliath's native self. The time-travelers return to the future.


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