Timeline: 901-925



  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Tegan Jovanka (25) arrive on the planet Artaris. The Doctor makes Tegan stay behind, while he has an adventure with Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and the warrior Grayvorn seeking a holy relic. Grayvorn falls to his apparent death in the end, but is actually placed in suspended animation.1


  • With the death of the her husband, Æthelflæd (40) becomes Queen of Mercia.2


  • March 31. Nori (265) dies.


  • March 30. Tegan Jovanka (24/1983) arrives in the Kingdom of Mercia and encounters the Queen Æthelflæd (47). Æthelflæd's daughter Ælfwynn subsequently gets displaced to the future, and Queen Æthelflæd has Tegan pose as her daughter in confrontation with her brother, the Earl of Wessex, Edward (43). The fifth Doctor, Nyssa (83), and Vislor Turlough (18) travel back to this time to rescue Tegan, and are there for the slaying of Æthelflæd, and the conquest of Mercia by Wessex.3
  • September. Tegan Jovanka ends up being forced to stay six months in a monastery, and Ælfwynn takes her place when the Doctor goes to pick Tegan up.4


  • November 28. Bofur (245) dies.



  • July 20. King Edward (49) of Wessex dies.


  • September 1. The guardian faeries Tatl and Tael are born in the Faerie Realm on Hyrule.



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