Timeline: 9001-10000



  • March 20. Jim Hawkins (17) finds an injured pirate while outside his home at the Benbow Inn. The pirate dies, leaving a map to the mythical Treasure Planet. A group of pirates comes to the Inn searching for the map, and Jim, his mother Sarah, and their friend Dr. Delbert Doppler, escape as the pirates raze the Inn and burn it down. At Delbert's home, he and Jim decide to try and find Treasure Planet.1
  • June 6. Delbert Doppler and Jim Hawkins travel to Montessor's space port, where they come aboard the solar sailing ship the RLS Legacy, under Captain Alexandra Amelia. They join the ship's crew as it departs. Jim is assigned as aide to ship's cook John Silver (an Ursid) (64), who is secretly the pirate that had destroyed the Benbow Inn.2
  • October. After Legacy suffers a mutiny at Treasure Planet led by John Silver (65), Jim Hawkins tries to prevent the mutineers from getting away with the treasure. When Treasure Planet starts to explode, Silver gives up the treasure to save Jim, who is like a surrogate son to him at this point. Using Treasure Planet's Iconian gateway, Jim gets Legacy through to Montressor's spaceport, with most of the crew and the mutineers surviving, including the robot B.E.N., who had been left on Treasure Planet. Jim lets Silver escape arrest, though he leaves the shape-shifting creature Morph with Jim. With some treasure given him by Silver, Jim is able to pay for the restoration of Benbow Inn.3
  • Captain Alexandra Amelia and Dr. Delbert Doppler marry.
  • September 16. Jim Hawkins is admitted to Starfleet Academy.


  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant from 1971 visit the planet Zayin VIII, and encounter temporal ghosts, as well as Newton Calder and his fellow survivors of a scientific expedition. They uncover that one of the surviving scientists was murdering his fellows in an attempt to profit from the ghost-generator. All but the Doctor, Jo, and Calder die, and Calder remains behind, waiting for rescue.4
  • Months later, Newton Calder is visited by a temporal echo of Jo Grant, and subsequently rescued.5


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (30) arrive on an ancient Arrit tomb ship, and run afoul of the evil Virna who uses her many children as a personal army in order to raid the mausoleum for a secret treasure. In the ship is Virna's daughter Jhanni, left behind years ago, and now bonded to the mad Arrit king, and about to make the ship go supernova. Running into stowaway Hannah Bartholomew (40/1911), she, the Doctor, and Nyssa escape with Virna's surviving children, and Virna dies when the ship explodes in interstellar space.6



  • Charley Pollard, working for the Viyrans, with the help of a rogue Viyran and young rube Robert Buchan, escapes the Viyrans through the temporal/spatial nexus point the Ever-and-Ever Prolixity.7


  • Charley Pollard is brought back to the Viyrans, and is reunited with Robert Buchan, her replacement. Charley discovers that the Viyrans want to stop all disease by ending all life. With the help of Robert and the rogue Viyran, the Viyrans are stopped, as is Robert's profit-crazed father, and Charley and Robert escape into the Prolixity.8






  • January 27. The Flintstones adopt the sapient snorkasaurus "Dino", who quickly degenerates mentally, becoming akin to a dog, as well as undergoing a pigmentation shift.


  • February 22. Fred Flintstone is a nervous wreck as his wife Wilma approaches the birth of their child. Fred gets into a number of silly situations as Wilma goes into labor. She gives birth to a daughter, who they name Pebbles.9
  • October 3. In Bedrock, on planet Erf, a baby called Bamm-Bamm is born and abandoned on the doorstep of the home of Betty (33) and Barney Rubble (32). They subsequently adopt him.


  • October 22. Samantha (132) and Darrin Stephens (37) (both 1965) appear via Sam's witchcraft, and move into a home in Bedrock. They meet the Flintstone (Fred [35], Wilma [35], Pebbles [2]) and Rubble (Betty [35], Barney [34], Bamm-Bamm [2]) families, and are soon invited along on a camping trip. Sam uses her sorcery to make sexist Fred and Barney look bad, and Wilma and Betty look good.10
  • Sam Stephens decides she does not wish to live in this future, and she and Darrin return to their native 1965.
  • October 29. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are driving when a time sphere ship from the planet Zatox nearly collides with them. They help free the bubble's occupant, the powerful mage Gazoo. Gazoo, exiled for having attempted to create a doomsday weapon, is forced to serve Fred and Barney as they are his rescuers. Gazoo begins causing havoc in their lives.11


  • Fred Flintstone starts manufacturing his own cereal, which he names Pebbles after his daughter, creating two varieties in Fruity and Cocoa. Even though he markets it with his friend Barney Rubble on the box, Barney begins making repeated attempts to steal bowls of the cereal, to Fred's annoyance.


August 20. The hair creature Captain Caveman (50) is frozen in anti-time ice, to thaw out in the distant past of 1977 on Earth.
October 14. Searching for his father, Cavey Jr. (6) finds the remains of Elroy Jetson's time machine, and travels back to 2004 on Earth to reunite with his father.


February 7. Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble are married.


Harvey Birdman (43), Tim Byrd (17), Phil Sebben (35), Peter Potamus (72), Avenger the Eagle (8), and tourists (including U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney [64]) (all 2005), as well as USS Enterprise security officer Ensign Guy Rockwell (22/2266) arrive in this time via time warp in a hot tub to the planet Erf. Potamus briefly becomes a god to the degenerated human population. Birdman defends a cave woman's right to get a divorce.


The Erfer dinosaurs overthrow the human population.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot () arrive on a nearly deserted and nearly completely flooded Earth, where the one populated city on the planet is suffering from strange disappearances. They discover that the disappearances are caused by people who hope for a better future shifting to a slightly out of phase still fully functional version. Zoe and then the Doctor shift to this version, and Jamie is forced to gather his own faith and help the people cross over, and they are thus able to stop a meteor collision that would have destroyed the surviving population.


The planet Samur is bombarded with a Sontaran bio-weapon, a fungus that dissolves the planet's entire population.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (3530), Tegan Jovanka (1983), and Vislor Turlough (1983) arrive on the planet Samur in the wrong era, at the same time as the crash of a ship of Sontaran soldiers. The Witch Guard, a malevolent creature, hopes to absorb the lives of a group of seven Sontarans, the worst the species has to offer. The Sontaran thought of as most reluctant, Trooper Vend, sacrifices his life to stop the Witch Guard's rise, as it dies from within.


  • August 12-13. XS (13/2998) appears at this point. After being captured by the tyrannical government on Omeer IV, she liberates a group of super heroes including Ultra-Man, Avatar, Metallica, and Behemoth, who join together as a new team. She then reenters the timestream.12



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