Timeline: 90000-30001 BCE


88014 BCE

88004 BCE

  • Rosalina's (10) mother dies. A tree is planted over her burial site.2
  • Rosalina meets a Luma that has crashed on the planet Shrem.3

87994 BCE

  • The Lumas adopt Rosalina (20) as their "Mama", transforming her into a goddess-like being, and begin a cycle of bringing her to her homeworld every 100 years.4

80108 BCE

  • The extra-galactic alliance of races later called the Furies conquers several planets, including Earth, Vulcan, Qo'noS, and Tellar. The non-sapient "Unclean" species of DNA consumers drives them away after only a few months. The Furies establish a base in the Delta Quadrant.

78003 BCE

  • The Kree scientist Bronek develops the first Sentry robot. They are used to man outposts in extra-Kree territory.

77077 BCE

  • The Kree set up an outpost in the Sol system, placing it on the Uranian moon Miranda. They place special weapons there, including the Quantum Bands created by the abstract entity Eon.

67890 BCE

  • Births: Heggra (September 16)

67889 BCE

  • Births: Yuga (October 12)

57081 BCE

  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (30) encounter a strange prison with a single prisoner and a warden. They eventually discover that they are both halves of the war criminal Miaxa, who tries to kill himself to atone for his crimes.

56146 BCE

50823 BCE

  • April 3. The Neanderthal later called "Vandar Adg" is born on the Balkan Peninsula.

50802 BCE

  • The Neanderthal Vandar Adg (20) is hit with a meteor, which grants him immortality. He eventually comes to be Vandal Savage.

50746 BCE

  • The cosmic entity Q appears in this era, and gets caught, like a djinn, in a trap by the immortal Neanderthal Vandar Adg (76). Q is bound to obey Vandar's commands, but sets a series of events into motion that will eventually secure his freedom. Vandar has Q give him many devices, including collars to mind control local tribesmen.5
  • Starfleet officers Commander Spock (40), Dr. Leonard McCoy (43), and Ensign Pavel Chekov (24) (all 2270), as well as Legion of Super-Heroes members Cosmic Boy (24), Saturn Girl (24), and Brainiac 5 (23) (all three 3007), arrive in this era on a time platform, hoping to restore the correct flow of time. They are capture by Vandar, but eventually discover and free Q, leading to loss of power for Vandar. The time travelers are whisked away to their own times by the temporal energies of the paradox.6

50002 BCE

  • December 7-10. Arceus creates the creatures later called Groudon and Kyogre. They claim dominion over the land and water, and begin to war with each other. Arceus responds by creating Rayquaza, who seals away its fellows, locking them away with the use of the Red and Blue Orbs. Rayquaza subsequently slumbers itself.

48484 BCE

  • The Plodex race, on the verge of extinction due to their war-like ways, send ships full of their eggs off-world so as to colonize other worlds.

38495 BCE

38470 BCE

  • A Plodex egg ship crashes on Earth. Most of its eggs are destroyed, save two, which are launched into the ocean.
  • The human Eshu is summoned to the Plodex ship. The ship seizes him and dissects him, destroying his entire body, but preserving his brain. Still alive and conscious, he goes mad.

37243 BCE

37230 BCE

  • March 23. Arceus creates the avian Ho-oh.

37115 BCE

30064 BCE


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