Timeline: 900-701 BCE


896 BCE

  • August 25. A child comes into existence in Egypt. After he is found, he is named Tak-Ne.

845 BCE

August 11. Dido is born in Tyre. She is the daughter of King Mattan.1

843 BCE

June 20. Pygmalion is born in Tyre. He is the son of King Mattan.2

831 BCE

  • King Mattan of Tyre dies. He is succeeded by his son Pygmalion (12).

830 BCE

825 BCE

  • The ghost of her husband Sychaeus visits Dido (20) in a dream, telling her of his murder by her brother Pygmalion. She flees Tyre to escape her brother's cruel rule.

818 BCE

January 30. The Lowly who will become known as Goodness is born.

814 BCE

Dido (30) founds the city of Carthage in northern Africa.

811 BCE

  • April 2. The child Tan Persia comes into existence in the Middle East.

804 BCE

  • Aeneas (36) and his cohorts (all 1244 BCE) emerge from a time storm at Carthage. Aeneas meets Queen Dido (40), and through the manipulations of Juno (1720) and Venus (2716), the two become lovers.3

803 BCE

  • Dido's (41) spurned suitor Iarbas, entreats one of his fathers, Jupiter, to interfere with her relationship with her lover, Aeneas (37). Jupiter (1715) sends Mercury to Aeneas, and informs him that it's time for him to found a culture. Aeneas informs Dido, who is devastated.4
  • September 4. Dido (41) uses her limited mystical powers to, with her suicide, enact a curse causing longstanding enmity between the Carthaginians and Aeneas's descendants.5

800 BCE

February 14. Frigga Freyrsdottir is born in Asgard.

798 BCE

December 3. The fairy Reul Ghorm is born.

785 BCE

June 21. King Pygmalion (58) of Tyre dies.

753 BCE

Rome is founded by Romulus.
December 5. The Tan Rome comes into existence in his namesake city.

748 BCE

711 BCE

February 13. Kan'yamato Iware-biko is born in Japan. He is the son of the Japanese demigods Tamayori-bime and Ugayafukiaezu.

706 BCE

June 13. The goddess Epona is born.


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