Timeline: 876-900



  • The Thals bombard the Kaled Dome that houses Davros's (30) laboratory. Davros is gravely wounded, and only survives after he is cybernetically augmented. He loses his sight, taste, and use of his left arm and lower body.



  • On the Viking island of Berk, dragons engage in a raid. The defense is led by island leader Stoick Haddock. During the fight, Stoick's son, Hiccup, apprentice to mechanist Gobber, uses a bola-launching device that hits a rare night fury dragon. The next day, Hiccup finds the dragon and, rather than kill it to build his own reputation sets it free. The dragon, who has lost half its tail stabilizer, is unable to escape. Over the next several days, Hiccup befriends the dragon, whom he names Toothless, while also beginning work in training to fight dragons. He uses the knowledge gained with Toothless to master interaction with the captured dragons. Hiccup also builds a replacement stabilizer for Toothless, and over time a harness and mechanical system to control it while riding. Hiccup's popularity results in Stoick taking pride in his son, but is enraged when Hiccup refuses to kill a dragon as a final test. Toothless comes to Hiccup's rescue, resulting in his capture. Stoick takes Toothless and the Vikings to the nest of the dragons where they soon engage in the gargantuan dragon "queen". Hiccup and his classmates, including Astrid Hofferson, harness the training dragons to come to the rescue. Hiccup is reunited with Toothless, and they manage to defeat the queen, but Hiccup loses his left foot. Over time, Berk integrates with the dragons and dragon training becomes a norm.1


  • September 30. Gloin (253) dies.


  • June 6. The child Tan Hungary comes into existence in central-east Europe.




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