Timeline: 851-875



  • September 22. The Shire holds a spectacular party for Bilbo Baggins's 111th birthday. The Wizard Gandalf visits as well. During the celebration, Bilbo runs away using the One Ring, but before departing The Shire, he leaves it behind for his nephew Frodo (33) to care for.1
  • Births: a Capuchin monkey


  • July 12-13. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (28/2017) arrive in a Viking village. The village is visited by a war-like race called the Mire, who kill the village's viking warriors. The youth Ashildr (18), having befriended the Doctor and Clara, inadvertently causes her people to challenge the Mire. Initially trying to get the village's people into a fighting force, the Doctor instead uses his wits, and embarrasses the Mire away. However, Ashildr is killed through use of a Mire helmet, and the Doctor uses a Mire repair kit to revive her, rendering her immortal.2


  • August 9-13. Homeless boy Aladdin (16) meets Princess Jasmine Badroulbadour (16) in the marketplace of Agrabah. When the authorities discover Jasmine, he and his monkey Abu (5) are thrown into the dungeon. There, Aladdin meets a disguised wizard Jafar (56). Jafar gets Aladdin to enter the Cave of Wonders to retrieve a special lamp. Aladdin and Abu are caught in the collapse of the cave along with the lamp. Rubbing it, the djinn Genie emerges. Genie helps Aladdin escape, introducing the boy to the Magic Carpet (491). Aladdin has Genie make him into a prince to woo Jasmine. After Aladdin charms her with a flight around the world, Jafar gets a hold of the lamp, making Genie his slave, exiling Aladdin, and taking control of Agrabah. Aladdin returns and challenges Jafar, and he tricks Jafar into changing himself into a djinn himself, becoming a slave to his own lamp and somehow pulling the macaw Iago (21) in with him. In the aftermath, Aladdin wishes Genie his freedom, and Sultan Bobolonius (53) changes the law allowing the princess to marry whomever she wants.3
  • December 14-18. The sapient scarlet macaw Iago escapes the lamp, and becomes a friend of Aladdin and his associates, including a returned Genie. Iago proves his honor against Jafar, whose attempt at revenge fails. Jafar (56) is killed when his lamp falls into molten lava.4


A female Smurf, Nanny (723), arrives in the Smurf Village. She moves in with Papa (723), who understands she is a harbinger of the mating call, and helps him prepare. They become lovers.
September 5. A boy named Davros (10) is caught up in a battle between Kaleds and Thals on Skaro. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) appears, and offers to help him get through a field of handmines, throwing the boy his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor departs, but returns after an adventure, and destroys the handmines. The Doctor helps him get home.


Aladdin (18) is reunited with his father, Cassim (50). After an adventure, Cassim departs with Iago (23) the macaw.
August 14. Aladdin and Jasmine (18) are married.


  • The god Hades sends a pair of demons, Pain and Panic, to Agrabah as part of a wager with the ghost of Jafar. Aladdin faces off against them and defeats them easily. Subsequently, they trick Aladdin into fighting the god Hercules by kidnapping Abu and one of Hercules's friends. The two eventually realize that they've been tricked, and travel to the underworld and rescue their compatriots.5


Aladdin (20) encounters mystical space-time Frogs.


December 18. The magical ring of the djinn Shazzan transports teenagers Chuck and Nancy Waldo (both 15/1967) to this time period in the Middle East. Encountering Shazzan himself, they agree to help him, as they cannot return to their time until the ring's "true owner" gets it back. They begin a series of adventures.


August. Chuck (15) and Nancy Waldo (15), and the djinn Shazzan, meet Sultan Aladdin of Agrabah (25), and help him to recover the lamp of his own freed djinn Genie.


The female Smurfs send out the mating call. The 94 mature young Smurfs feel the call, and depart to the female Smurf realm. They subsequently mate and die.
Papa Smurf (now calling himself Grandpa) (730) departs Smurf Village with Nanny Smurf (730), seeking the ingredients for refreshing the Long-Life Stone. The abandoned Wise Smurf (248) renames himself Only Smurf in his grief.


  • April 12. Gandalf returns to Bag End, and tells Frodo Baggins (49) to depart The Shire with the One Ring.6
  • July 10. Gandalf visits Saruman, who reveals his villainy, and attacks and captures Gandalf when the wizard refuses to join him.7
  • September 18. Gandalf escapes Isengard with the help of a Great Eagle.8
  • September 23. Frodo Baggins (50) leaves Bag End and the Shire, bringing his friends Sam Gamgee (38), Pippin Took (36), and Merry Brandybuck (33) with him.9
  • September 23. Gandalf tames the horse Shadowfax.10
  • September 26-28. Frodo Baggins and company are nearly eaten by a tree monster, and are rescued by the kooky forest spirit Tom Bombadil. They stay with him for a while, then they are attacked by wights, and once again rescued by Bombadil.11
  • September 29-30. Frodo Baggins and friends enter the Man's town of Bree, where they meet Aragorn (87) (going by the name Strider) at an inn. Aragorn secrets them away, allowing them to survive an attack by the Nazgul.12
  • October 6. At Weathertop, Aragorn and the four hobbits are attacked by the Nazgul. Frodo Baggins is stabbed by one of them. The five of them manage to escape, but Frodo quickly succumbs to his mystical injuries.13
  • October 7. Arwen appears14, and defeats the Nazgul by calling on water spirits. She joins Aragon and company, bringing Frodo to Rivendell for healing.15
  • October 24. Frodo Baggins awakens after a long convalescence. He finds himself reunited with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf.16
  • October 25. Elrond holds a council at Rivendell, attended by many, including factions of dwarves and elves. A fellowship of nine joins together to soon set out on a quest to take the One Ring to Mordor and destroy it. The Fellowship includes the Hobbits Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, Pippin Took, and Merry Brandybuck; the dwarf Gimli (139); the elf Legolas (2014); the Men Aragorn and Boromir (40); and the wizard Gandalf.17



  • December 13. Æthelflæd daughter of Ælfred (20), is born in the Kingdom of Mercia.


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