Timeline: 8501-9000



  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) brings Clara Oswald (2014) to this time period, where they encounter soldiers in the midst of a battle with the Daleks. The Doctor and Clara shrink down and enter the Dalek, who is a nice Dalek that the Doctor nicknames "Rusty". It temporarily turns evil again, but then sets out to destroy its kin. Soldier Journey Blue asks to join the Doctor on his travels, but she is rejected by the Doctor for her being a soldier.1



  • On the island of Nowhere, isolated from the severely uninhabitable rest of the planet Earth, in Tazmily Village, Hinawa takes her twin boys Claus and Lucas with her to visit her father Alec on the mountain.2
  • After helping rescue survivors of a sudden fire in the forest, Flint and various villagers search for his family. Flint and his dog Boney encounter soldiers of the mysterious Pigmask Army, who are using biomechanical creatures to attack others. The villagers eventually find the twins Lucas and Claus, shaken but alive, but they discover Hinawa dead, a Drago fang through her heart. Flint has a psychotic break, lashing out in his grief, attacking everyone. He is knocked unconscious and deposited in Tazmily's jail.3
  • The day of Hinawa's funeral, Claus sneaks a nail file to his father, and heads out to seek justice for his mother against the Drago that killed her. Flint escapes, coming upon Hinawa's grave. Flint learns of Claus's actions, and takes off, joined by Alec. They encounter the Drago, now a biomechanical chimera as well, and defeat it. They find Claus's shoes, but there is no sign of the boy himself. Claus's body, lying in an area nearby, is soon found by the Pigmask Army. They bring it to their master, Porky, who has Claus revived and made into a cyborg chimera himself, with his memories suppressed.4


  • On Erf, cyborg police officer Katie Coltrane is forced to partner with dinosaur partner Theodore "Teddy" Rex. They stop a crazy rich man who hopes to wipe out life on the planet.5


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard help human refugees on the dead planet Onyakis fight off Krotons, which they mistook for a power source.


  • Tasha Lem brings Clara Oswald from 2013 back to Trenzalore. She is reunited with a very old Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation). He goes off to die facing the Daleks, but Clara pleads with the Time Lords through the crack in space, and they send the Doctor a mass of regeneration energy, which he uses to destroy the Dalek flagship. He then returns to the TARDIS, where Clara follows him, and it departs, with the Doctor regenerating into the first of his second cycle.6


September 10. The Ursid John Silver is born.



January 26. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fourth incarnation), Sarah Jane Smith (24/1975), and Harry Sullivan (30/1975) arrives on Space Station Nerva, where they stop a conspiracy by the Wirrn species to take cryogenically frozen humans and use them as hosts.
January 27. The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan visit Earth, and defeat a Sontaran experimenting on Terran space explorers.


March 26. CeCe Beck (10) is orphaned in a terrorist attack. Transported to the Rock of Eternity, she is endowed with powers by the Wizard Captain Marvel, and becomes the heroic Thunder. She is soon adopted by Inspector JeAn Javert and his wife.
July 20. Thunder meets the time-traveling Tawky Tawny (2002). Returning with him to his era, she gets lost in the timestream, eventually surfacing in the year 2999.
September 19. CeCe Beck returns to her time, unable to use her powers in her home era, after going through difficult times in the past.


Searching for the Wizard, CeCe Beck uses her powers for the first time in four years, traveling to the 31st century. There she meets the Wizard's champion Marvel Boy, who travels with her back to the future, and helps her find him. At that point, the Wizard Billy Batson allows her to be able to use her powers in any era. Billy returns Marvel Boy to his own time.


  • February 17. James Pleiades Hawkins is born on the outpost world Montressor. His rebirth is part of John Silver's cycle of resurrection and redemption.


  • Leland Hawkins abandons his wife Sarah and son Jim (10).7


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