Timeline: 826-850




  • February 19. King Bard (70) of Dale dies. He is succeeded by his son Bain.


April 19. Boromir is born to Finduilas and Denethor in Gondor, Middle-Earth, Arda.


  • January 22. Arwen (2737) pledges her hand in marriage to Aragorn (48).
  • March 29. Drogo and Primula Baggins are killed in a boating accident, leaving their son Frodo (11) an orphan. His uncle Bilbo Baggins (89) agrees to take him in.1

Aragorn (49) kills the Captain of the Haven, ruler of Umbar.
August 8. Thengel dies. Theoden (31) ascends to become king of Rohan.


December 8. Meriadoc Brandybuck is born to Esmeralda Took and Saradoc Brandybuck in The Shire, Middle-Earth, Arda.


September 24. Faramir is born to Finduilas and Denethor in Gondor, Middle-Earth, Arda.


February 28. The scarlet macaw that will later be called Iago hatches. He is of abnormal intelligence with a human level of sapience.
The wizard Jafar (35) purchases a macaw in the bazaar in Agrabah, naming it Iago.


July 25. The Tan Portugal comes into existence on the Iberian peninsula.


  • The dwarf Balin sets out on a quest to reclaim Moria.


March 20. Jasmine is born to Sultan Bobolonius (37) and his wife in the sultanate of Agrabah, Abbasid Caliphate.
August 29. Peregrin Took is born to Eglantine Banks and Paladin Took in The Shire, Middle-Earth, Arda.


June 8. Éomer is born to Theodwyn and Eomund in Rohan, Middle-Earth, Arda.


Dal Riata King Kenneth mac Alpin conquers Pictland, uniting the Kingdom of Alba (Scotland).


March 30. Oin (219) dies.

  • August 25. Moria's Lord Balin (230), son of Fundin, is shot with an arrow and killed by a goblin archer.2

August 31-September 11. The tiny Dwarf population in Moria is overrun and massacred by goblins. Among those killed is Ori (194).


December 16. Éowyn is born to Theodwyn and Eomund in Rohan.



The Black Guardian, losing power due to the decay of the Key to Time, sends the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and the biological construct Amy using a random shot to medieval Sudan. While Amy mixes with the slaves, the Doctor befriends a prince, and they encounter the White and Black Guardians, now diminished and taking roles as humans. The Black Guardian, occupying the body of the gold-hoarding Cassim Ali Baba (41), inadvertently facilitates the creation of one of the segments of the Key to Time in the gold. The Doctor and Amy escape with the segment, leaving the Guardians to live on Earth.
October 3. Ælfred is born in Wessex. He is the son of Wessex King Ælfred.


June 17. Bifur (220) dies.


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