Timeline: 8201-8500



October 11. An XB-500 model cleaning robot, "Rosie", gains consciousness on Erf.


Births: Jane Singleton (September 15), George Jetson (November 23)


Clara Oswald (2013) arrives in Christmas on Trenzalore, having grabbed onto the outside of the TARDIS. She is reunited with a visibly older Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), and is on-hand as his companion, the Cyberman head Handles dies. They visit the Papal Mainframe, and find Tasha Lem has been killed and turned into a Dalek drone. She resists their control even after death, and helps them escape. The Doctor then tricks Clara back to her own time, as the Siege of Trenzalore begins.


June 2. George Jetson marries Jane Singleton.


February 4. Judith Angela Jetson is born to Jane and George Jetson in Orbit City, Erf.


George Jetson begins working at Spacely's Space Sprockets.


  • June 18. Erfer scientists create the genetically-engineered dog Astro.


March 18. Elroy Jetson is born to Jane and George Jetson in Orbit City, Erf.


September 23. On the planet Erf, the Jetson family takes in the obsolete robot Rosie as a housekeeper.

  • October 14. The Jetsons adopt the genetically-engineered sapient dog Astro (7).1


  • November 1. Astro (8) begins part-time traveling through space, adventuring with human hero Space Ace and a pair of his fellow engineered dogs.2


September 19. The genetically-engineered corn creature Orbitty is removed from incubation.


The Jetson family adopts the genetically engineered corn creature Orbitty.


October 29. Elroy Jetson invents a time machine. He and his family end up traveling to 9287. Fred and Wilma Flintstone and Barney and Betty Rubble end up traveling back to this time from that year.


The population of Earth begins a general evacuation, as attempts to halt the star Sol's radiation output have failed, and the planet is set to become uninhabitable. Space Station Nerva is repurposed as a cryogenic suspension location, despite the risk of its destruction during what would be centuries unmanned.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa are deposited at this point after a temporal explosion in Stockbridge on the nearly uninhabitable Earth. They face the Daleks, and Stockbridge is utterly destroyed. The Doctor and Nyssa recover the TARDIS and depart.


The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) visits Karn briefly. He is shortly followed by a time-jumping serpentine Colony Sarff.


  • The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation), Clara Oswald (30/2017), and Missy (twenty-first incarnation) are transported to the planet Skaro. Davros manages to trick the Doctor into infusing Time Lord DNA into the Daleks. The Daleks are destroyed by their own dead.3


A colony is established on the planet GalSec by Earth evacuees.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot (2079) prevent evil aliens from taking human genetic samples from the starship Hope.


Ace McShane and the Time Lady Jane Templeton (thirteenth incarnation) are transported to this era by the leak of Jane's dying TARDIS. They take the TARDIS back to 1902.


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