Timeline: 8001-8200



  • The Doctor ("eleventh") stops an incursion by Ice Warrior renegades on Trenzalore.


  • The Doctor and the boy Theol Wiloughby stops an encroachment on Trenzalore by Krynoid seed monsters.



  • Avan Tarklu (22) gets his license as a private detective.
  • Avan Tarklu (23) marries Francine Figgrdout.


The Whifferdil Avan Tarklu (26) divorces Francine Figgrdout.


  • The Whifferdill Avan Tarklu (45) turns the Doctor (sixth incarnation) in to the criminal Josiah W. Dogbolter, but then sneaks the Doctor out to split the reward. Avan joins the Doctor on his travels, adopting the alias Frobisher.1
  • The Doctor is reunited with his old friend Ivan Asimoff, and along with Frobisher, helps him end the scam of zyglot exploitation conducted by the Time Lord Thief Astrolabus.2


The Whifferdil Frobisher gets involved in a murder mystery, and has a reunion with his old adversary, frog-man Josiah W. Dogbolter. Eschewing help from his friend the Doctor (sixth incarnation), Frobisher manages to get out of the situation, where an invention threatens Dogbolter's perfectly mediocre society, alive, and learns it was all set up from his ex-wife Francine, who wants back in his life. Though they kiss, Frobisher decides he still needs to adventure, and rejoins the Doctor on his travels.


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