Timeline: 8000-6001 BCE


7973 BCE

7972 BCE

March 18. Rita Repulsa is born on Eltar.

7957 BCE

  • Galra Emperor Zarkon launches his final thrust in the invasion of the Altean Imperium. King Alfor, seeing imminent defeat, has his daughter Allura (270) and his advisor Coran (616) placed in suspended animation and sent, along with the Black Lion, to the castle on the outpost world of Arus. The other four Lions are sent to various worlds throughout local space. The Blue Lion is sent to Earth.1
  • Altea falls, and Zarkon commits genocide upon the Altean people, starting with the public execution of King Alfor.

7838 BCE

July 25. Natsilane is born amongst the Tlingit people of the town of Kake on the western coast of North America.

7820 BCE

  • Natsilane's (18) brothers-in-law (save for the youngest) attempt to kill him by throwing him overboard during a fishing trip. He nearly drowns, but sea otters (animated by a pseudo-intelligence due to the Americas' patron gods affinity for the natural world) take pity on him, and bring him to an island. They help him survive and give him seeds to plant all over the island, which rapidly grow into trees. Natsilane carves one of the trees into the form of a "fish", and then tosses it into the ocean. The carving comes alive as Blackfish, a creature embodying the orca. Blackfish brings Natsilane home to the mainland, and murders the man's evil brothers-in-law by drowning.2

7703 BCE

  • Zordon (270) traps Rita Repulsa (269) in a space dumpster on the moon.

7594 BCE

The worldship Yarina is launched from Fabrina in order to save a portion of the Fabrini population from its star's supernova.

6666 BCE

November 21. Oberon is born to Queen Mab on the mystical island of Avalon.

6143 BCE

April 23. The Heliopolitan god Atum spawns from the Ogdoad primordial water entity Nu.


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