Timeline: 751-800



  • May 5. Kahless (52) the Unforgettable dies.



  • October 9. After the death of their father, Charlemagne (26) and Carloman both ascend to the title King of the Franks, ruling over separate regions of Francia.


  • July 10. With the surrender of the Lombard Kingdom, Frankish King Charlemagne (32) is named King of the Lombards (Kingdom of Italy).




  • Arathorn is killed by an orc archer.


  • April 26. The wizard Gandalf enlists the aid of the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins (50) of Bag End in the Shire, having him join a collection of dwarfs in seeking treasure at the Lonely Mountain. The dwarfs include Thorin Oakenshield (194) (the leader), Gloin (157), Oin (166), Kili (76), Fili (81), Balin (177), Dwalin (169), Ori (140), Dori (151), Nori (144), Bifur (161), Bofur (116), and Bombur (122).1
  • May. Thorin and Company come across three trolls. The cleverness of Bilbo Baggins results in the trolls turning to stone. Among the assets the trolls held were swords, one of which Bilbo takes for himself.2
  • June. Thorin and Company meet Elrond in Rivendell.3
  • July 22-23. Thorin and Company are captured by Goblins. They are rescued by Gandalf, who kills the Goblin King. During the escape, Bilbo is separated from the others, and ends up in a hole. Within he finds the One Ring, and then its holder, the ancient Hobbit Gollum (511). Using riddles, Bilbo keeps Gollum from killing him until he uses the Ring to escape. Bilbo reunites with the Company, but then they are attacked by the goblins and their warg allies. The Company is rescued by a flock of Eagles.4
  • July. Thorin and Company meet and briefly lodge with Beorn (49).5
  • The White Council drives Sauron out of Dol Guldur.6
  • August. In rapid succession, Thorin and Company face giant spiders (and are rescued by Bilbo, who uses his sword, naming it Sting) and the wood elves of Mirkwood, led by Thranduil. Bilbo frees the dwarfs from the elves' hold by sneaking them out in wine barrels.7
  • August 26. Thorin (195) and Company reach the Lonely Mountain and enter by its hidden rear entrance. The enraged dragon Smaug attempts to destroy nearby Lake-Town (Dale), but is killed by the Man Bard the Bowman (35).8
  • August 30-September 9. Thorin and his company instigate a war with Men and Elves over refusal to share Smaug's treasure. Reinforcements come from the Dwarf lands in the Iron Hills. Orcs, Eagles, and wargs also participate. Fili (81) and Kili (77) are slain, and Thorin (195), on his deathbed, asks Bilbo for forgiveness. The encounter historically becomes known as the Battle of Five Armies.9
  • September 10. Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf head for The Shire.10



  • Bard (38) becomes King of Dale.
  • Gollum (514) begins searching for Bilbo Baggins and the One Ring.


  • December 17. Theoden is born to Thengel, King of Rohan, and his wife in Rohan, Middle-Earth, Arda.


March 13. Darkseid marries his second wife, Suli.
November 3. Gandalf the Grey and Balin (186) visit Bilbo Baggins (59) in the Shire.


  • December 25. Charlemagne (58) is crowned Emperor of the non-extant Roman Empire.
  • Births: Jafar (February 5)


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