Timeline: 7001-8000



  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation) have a run-in with Stoyn on a planet featuring a replica of ancient Rome. After brief forays to 200 BCE, they manage to defeat Stoyn, who kills himself seeking revenge.1


The Doctor (second incarnation) drops his "grandchildren" John and Gillian McShane-Krinn off at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey. They enroll as students.


  • November 14. The Doctor (second incarnation) midwifes the birth of Pol Krinn and Ace McShane's twin children, John Rokk and Gillian Bernice McShane-Krinn. The temporal upheaval caused by the merging of quantum realities necessary in their birth causes the Doctor to be displaced away and amnesiac of the event. The teen John and Gillian leave Gallifrey as a result, having ensured their own births.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) travels to the Amethyst Viral Research Station seeking a cure for his ill companion Charley Pollard, and runs afoul of the Daleks. While he ultimately defeats the Daleks, the viruses at the station are scattered throughout space-time. Mila becomes an exact duplicate of Charley, and takes her place on the TARDIS, and the real Charley goes out-of-phase. The Viyrans rescue her and set her to work for them in containing the viruses.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation), Peri Brown (), and Frobisher (36) visit Antarctica, and its amusement park. A misunderstanding leads to the Doctor's incarceration, and the revelation that the Master (Tremas possession) is involved in his arrest. Escaping, he and his companions encounter Autons, apparently working for the Master. After destroying the Autons, the divergent Adam Mitchell appears and abducts Frobisher, who is disguised as Peri.[1]


The Doctor (third incarnation) and Joshua Douglas visit Emperor H'mbrackle of the Zed'Nai while he is visiting Winthrope III. The gathering is crashed by the time-jumping Leela and the Doctor's own fourth incarnation. Later, H'mbrackle's clone wipes out the population of Winthrope III, and Joshua releases a plague on the Zed'Nai in revenge, nearly wiping them out.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela time jump randomly into this era repeatedly on the devastated remains of Winthrope III.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (2006) visit Indigo III, where they are pulled into the conflict between two alligator-like alien forces and a monastery. Lucie is briefly possessed and attacks the Doctor.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka arrive on a planet in the midst of a battle between the Sontarans and Rutans. The Sontarans die despite knowing they are fighting a hopeless battle. In the aftermath, Adam Mitchell from an alternative timeline bubble abducts Nyssa, Tegan, and Adric.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (29) manage to defeat the Daleks with the help of entrepreneurial humans of 1987 and Thal rebels in this era. The Daleks' 1987 London building is transported to Skaro, and a temporal storm of accelerated time destroys much of the Daleks' power base, but the British fascist MP Celia Dunthorpe helps the defeated Emperor, declaring herself the Daleks' Prime Minister.


Cass, a young pilot, is nearly rescued from her crashing ship by the Doctor (eighth incarnation). She refuses his help after learning he's a Time Lord, who she considers war criminals. The ship crashes, and the Doctor is critically wounded. Recovered by the Sisterhood of Karn, they revive him long enough to convince him that he needs to regenerate into a being who can stop the war. He agrees, deciding to become a warrior, and drinks a concoction, which initiates his regeneration. His new incarnation declares he is "Doctor no more". [2]


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (2006) come to The Haven, a planet populated by abandoned robots. With the help of the robot poet Servo, they end the cycle of madness and reboot that's been going on there for 4000 years.


The planet Skaro is severely devastated by the explosion of its star as part of a plot by Davros to get control of the Time Lords' Hand of Omega is thwarted by the Doctor (seventh incarnation).


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and the biological construct Amy travel to Safehaven, home of the insectoid Valdigians. They once again encounter Zara, who brings the Valdigians into conflict with the Ice Warriors, including a vengeful Isskar. Zara tries to take the next segment, a castle, but it moves into Amy's possession for the sake of balance. Arrested by the Ice Warriors, who eject the TARDIS into space, the Doctor and Amy save Isskar after Zara sends the ship crashing, staying aboard, when the Black Guardian appears. He transports them away.


The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor ("War" incarnation) brings a paradox shield to the planet Marinus, a stronghold of the Voord.


The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor ("War" incarnation) manages to stop a Dalek temporal fleet from destroying Gallifrey by detonating a Time Destructor. The Time Lord and his TARDIS ends up being catapulted through time to 2114 on the planet Keska.[3]
Gallifrey's Cardinal Ollistra rescues the former Doctor and her surviving agent.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) is abducted from Skaro, and brought, alongside Amy Pond and Rory Williams (both 2014) to the Dalek Asylum planet. They are forced to try and destroy the Asylum. While there, they are helped by a young woman, Oswin Oswald, a fractured version of Clara Oswald, apparently hiding from the Daleks. The Doctor eventually discovers that she has in fact been turned into a Dalek, and her will is keeping her not-fully assimilated. With the message "Run, you clever boy, and remember" she blows up the Asylum, and helps the Doctor place a virus across space-time to make the Daleks forget the Doctor. Amy and Rory, on the verge of divorce, reconcile.


During the last days of the Time War, at the fall of Arcadia (Gallifrey's second city), the Time Lord once known as the Doctor kills Daleks, and then steals the greatest Time Lord secret weapon: The Moment. The Moment takes the form of the Bad Wolf, and shows the Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor the potential if he decides to use it to destroy Gallifrey and the Daleks. Time fissures appear, and the "tenth", "eleventh", and War incarnations come together in 1562. The Doctor accepts he needs to use The Moment, and returns to the end of Gallifrey. The tenth and eleventh Doctors somehow break into the time-lock, and then the three think things through, and figure out a way to save Gallifrey. Using Gallifrey's infrastructure, and calculations helped by all thirteen of the Doctor's earliest incarnations, they shunt it to an alternate reality bubble where it is caught in a single moment.
Before Gallifrey's dislocation, the Time Lord High Council, led by an insane revived Rassilon, attempts to manipulate The Master from outside the confines of the Time War.[4]


After the apparent destruction of Gallifrey, Leela finds herself on the planet Z'Nai, and is soon captured by the Z'Nai. She inadvertently unleashes a plague that wipes out the Z'Nai, but Leela is kept alive by machines she is hooked up to.
After several months, K-9 arrives from the time Leela and he traveled together in the TARDIS, and releases Leela from the Z'Nai machine. She then undergoes transformation into a time vampire, and enters the timestream to be reborn.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (2013) visit the Papal Mainframe in orbit of Trenzalore. When the Doctor receives the distress call from the Time Lords ("Doctor who?") he sends Clara back to 2013 with the TARDIS and begins defending the town of Christmas.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Tamsin Drew (2010) arrive on the planet Nevermore, where they are caught up in a murder investigation in the location of a genocidal soldier's prison.


The planet Erf is colonized by humans. They establish Orbit City, which is built on gigantic columns and lies otherwise above the clouds.


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