Timeline: 70001-100000



  • May 4. Sephiroth is born. Infused with cells from Jenova, he is taken immediately from his mother, Lucrecia Crescent, by his father, Professor Hojo.1



December. Cloud Strife (14) departs his home village to join Sephiroth as a SOLDIER for the Shinra Electric Power Company.


September 22. The SOLDIERs First Class Sephiroth (27) and Zack Fair, and a pair of infantrymen, one of whom is Cloud Strife (16), arrive at Nibelheim. Sephiroth is confronted with the possibility that he is a genetic construct created from the cells of the ancient monster Jenova.
October 1. Driven mad by the supposed revelations about his origins, Sephiroth begins slaughtering the people of Nibelheim, and sets it ablaze. He travels to the MAKO facility in search of Jenova. Tifa Lockhart comes after him after she discovers his having killed her father. He quickly dispenses with her, and Zack Fair comes to her rescue, and also is tossed aside with severe injuries. Cloud Strife comes upon the scene, and impales Sephiroth with Zack's Buster Sword. Sephiroth manages to walk away with the head of Jenova, and Cloud tries to stop him. Sephiroth impales Cloud in turn, but Cloud, through sheer will, uses Sephiroth's sword as leverage and tosses him into the Lifestream. In the aftermath, Tifa is among those evacuated, but Zack and Cloud are taken by malevolent scientists and infused with Sephiroth cells.


December 9. Cloud Strife (21) learns the truth of the Nibelheim incident, and helps defeat Sephiroth. The Holy cast by Aerith prevents the Meteor from destroying Gaia.


Slo-bo (2003) is transported to this time by Darkseid's Omega Beams. He is frozen and left in the headquarters of this era's Young Justice.
Some time later, Harm (2003) arrives and takes Slo-bo to the year 3002.


August 31. The android Hourman comes to consciousness.


The Justice Legion A, after meeting the Wildflame (the immortal Drake Burroughs), recruit Superboy (Cris Kend) from 1000 years in the past to help them during a crisis, defeating traitorous member Titangirl.







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