Timeline: 700-501 BCE


679 BCE

  • The hero Māui steals the heart of the sleeping goddess Te Fiti in hopes of giving control of life over to humans. Te Fiti transforms into a lava demon, Te Kā, and attempts to slay him. She manages to knock Māui onto a tiny island without his mystical fishhook, resulting in his being stranded.1

674 BCE

  • A boy in eastern Europe is placed in charge of a flock of sheep. He is warned of wolves, and told to cry out if one should appear. Being a brat, he cries out "Wolf!" repeatedly, getting the locals to come and attempt aid. After these repeated false alarms, the people become distrustful of the boy. The boy then encounters a real wolf, and no one comes to his aid. The wolf kills him.2

660 BCE

  • February 11. The Tan Japan comes into existence in the island chain off the eastern coast of Asia.
  • Jimmu (51) becomes emperor of Japan.

642 BCE

February 20. The nymph Nimue is born in what will be Wales.

624 BCE

April 3. The tiny dragon Mushu is born in China.

587 BCE

The Hebrew Lehi and his family and close friends depart the Arabian peninsula and cross the Indian and Pacific Oceans, arriving in the North America.

585 BCE

April 9. Japanese Emperor Jimmu (126) dies.

563 BCE

July 2. Siddhartha Gautama is born in Lumbini near Kapilavastu in the Sakya Republic.

551 BCE

September 28. Kong Qiu (later known as Confucius) is born in Zou in the state of Lu.

549 BCE

  • Hobbits settle The Shire in Middle-Earth on the planet Arda.

547 BCE

534 BCE

  • Prince Siddhartha Gautama (29) first encounters suffering in the world in seeing an old man, an ill man, a dead man, and an ascetic. He decides to give up his wealth, and heads out to study.

529 BCE

The demon-god Mara, god of lust, attacks and attempts Siddhartha Gautama, offering up his three daughters. Siddhartha's will is too strong, and Mara remains frustrated.3

528 BCE

  • Siddhartha Gautama (35) achieves enlightenment, and begins spreading his teachings about dharma.

525 BCE

  • Egypt is conquered by the Achaeminid Empire.

509 BCE

  • The Roman Republic is founded with the overthrow of the Roman monarchy.

506 BCE

  • The first Big Brother, Yarmul, leads the Goron people in building the Goron City on Death Mountain in Hyrule.4


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