Timeline: 6801-7000



  • After the various Time Lords and Leela's trip to 1939, Andred is imprisoned for his recent deceit, and young Wynter is named Castellan of the Chancellery Guard.1

Andred escapes prison with the help of Darkel, who hopes to overthrow Romana. Leela and Romana consult the Matrix, leading to an encounter with a projection of Romana's first incarnation and a malevolent ancient entity called Pandora.
Romana takes Leela for a vacation on Davidia so they can talk. They come to terms with each other, as they also face the mystery of an injured unidentifiable Time Lord who won't regenerate.
Pandora attempts to escape, and tries to take over Wynter, who mutilates himself and goes back in a TARDIS to warn Romana, becoming the "Broken Man". Braxiatel, after being named High Chancellor of Gallifrey, takes two of the three aspects of Pandora into his mind, and is forced into exile.
Darkel's influence results in the appointment of Valyes as the new Chancellor and head of the Time Lord Academy, and Andred as Castellan of the Chancellery Guard.
Leela takes a teaching position at the Academy.
Castellan Andred begins to move toward the side of angels, vowing to Leela to redeem himself. A multi-species group of friends at the Academy begins to break down due to the tensions. Romana consults the Pandora entity, and under its control kills Andred. A human boy, Taylor Addison, dies seeking the Key to Rassilon. Darkel announces a presidential challenge.
August 20. Romana, controlled by Pandora, murders Andred.
Maxil replaces Andred as Castellan after his body is found.
The increasingly desperate Romana continues to get advice from Pandora. She tells Leela of Andred's body being found, not fully realizing she is his murderer. Leela and her K-9 investigate a bombing at the Academy, and ally with Narvin. Leela is further stricken upon the death of her K-9 in a second bombing. Romana finally accepts Pandora's help, and chooses to become Imperiatrix of Gallifrey. At a meeting of the High Council, Darkel attempts a coup after Romana makes her declaration, but the terrorist, a member of Free Time, is revealed, and he threatens to kill them all, until Leela shows up and kills him. Pandora appears, free of the Matrix, and takes the form of the first Romana. She declares open civil war, and attempts to seize control of Gallifrey, having successfully taken control of K-9 (Mark II).
Darkel and Valyes support Pandora in her coup.


Leela is blinded in a skirmish. K-9 begins helping Romana.
The Gallifreyan civil war ends with the destruction of Pandora.
Valyes declares himself acting President of Gallifrey. Annos is named acting Castellan.
Power grabs ensue as Romana is disabled after the civil war, and Darkel gets Acting President Valyes to try and install her as the new President. Romana's erstwhile ally Matthias also makes a power play, and a threeway challenge appears to begin. This all occurs with the backdrop of a joint Nekkistani/Sulari/Phaidon invasion of the Capitol to rescue their students.
The three-way Presidential race gets cut to two candidates when the other two, Matthias and Darkel, have Romana arrested for High Treason. K-9 is named as her defense. More machinations result in Braxiatel becoming President, and a vengeful Darkel trying to unleash the Pandora remnant, which consumes her mind and kills her. After exonerating Romana, Braxiatel names Matthias as Lord President.
President Matthias faces duel crises in Gallifrey's looming economic collapse and an outbreak of the original Free Time virus, now transforming people into zombies upon regeneration. Braxiatel returns, revealing he time scooped the Matrix's biodata extract, as there are two options for Gallifrey other than extinction: take a cure which eliminates the ability for the Time Lords to regenerate, or try and found a new Gallifrey. He leaves the choice to Romana.
Braxiatel uses a broken time-scoop to transport himself, Romana, Leela, Narvin, and K-9 to the Axis.


Romana (second incarnation) finds herself on the Gallifrey she left two years earlier. The Time Lords try to immediately name her as Lady President. The Daleks then invade, and Romana brings Leela and Narvin to Gallifrey with the help of K-9 (Mark II), revealing that the future Romana was just a Matrix projection, and that the other Gallifrey was one as well. Romana ends up trapping the invading Daleks in the Matrix projection forever. She also uses the bio-data archive to reset all of Gallifrey to the moment of her departure. During these events, Narvin thinks her dead, and in an attempt at vengeance, he sends Valyes to the past, setting him to have the Doctor try and wipe out the Daleks at their conception, and inadvertently firing the first shot of the Last Great Time War.


The Time Lords attack the human/TARDIS hybrid Compassion, and she transports the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Fitz Kreiner (Kode) to Gallifrey. The Doctor begins to fall to the Faction Paradox virus, while Fitz is summoned in an attempt by young Faction initiates to summon Father Kreiner. The Doctor and Lady President Romana (third incarnation) butt heads, Father Kreiner is pulled out from the bottle universe, and Fitz has an identity crisis. As the Faction begins to appear triumphant, the Doctor, with help from a remorseful Father Kreiner (after beating the Doctor), defeats his own potential future self in Grandfather Paradox by shunting Gallifrey away in a temporal implosion. Compassion rescues the Doctor and Fitz, dropping the Doctor off earlier to recover from his injuries. Compassion heads off with her new companion, the young Time Lord Nivet.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (20) are caught up in the machinations of a rich man, who is attempting to resurrect the Time Lord Morbius. The Sisterhood of Karn also opposes Morbius's resurrection, which requires the use of a Time Lord, and they try and kill the Doctor. Another Time Lord, Straxus, becomes the host for Morbius, and Morbius rises, creating a vast empire. After the Doctor apparently sacrifices his life to stop Morbius, the Time Lords, free from the threat of Morbius, undo the empire's creation. A grief-stricken Lucie returns to her native time.
The Doctor is teleported to the planet Orbis, where he once again develops amnesia.





December 19. Azalyn is born on the Raalgon homeworld.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation), traveling with Fitz Kreiner and Luke Smith (2012), brings his friend Pol Krinn to Gallifrey to enter the Time Lord Academy. Pol meets Ace McShane, another human student.


January 1. The United Federation of Planets is once again reestablished by Earth and some of its allied worlds.


  • The cold war between the United Federation of Planets and Raalgon Empire gets heated after the deaths of the Emperor and his wife. Azalyn (16) ascends the throne as Empress.
  • February 24. Justy Tylor (20) attempts to enlist in Starfleet's United Planets Space Force branch. His positive probability field causes the A.I. attached to the evaluation program testing him to gain sentience, and fall in love with him, ultimately exploding and temporarily bringing down the UPSF's HQ's entire computer system. The brass believes that this is a cyber-attack by Raalgon agents, and declare a state of war between the two polities. As a result, Tylor is admitted to the Force without actually being deemed fit.
  • March 18. United Planets Space Force Pension Division recruit Justy Tylor moronically attempts to deliver a pension check to retired Admiral Robert Henner, who, along with his daughters Yumi and Emi, and family friend Yuriko Star (26), is being held hostage by Raalgon terrorists. Also on the scene is rising star Lieutenant Yamamoto Makoto (30). Through his positive probability field, Tylor manages to defeat the terrorists.
  • April 1. Justy Tylor is given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and command of the USS Soyokaze ("Gentle Breeze"), a ship renowned for its reject crew. His first officer is Lieutenant Makoto Yamamoto, intelligence officer is Lieutenant Commander Yuriko Star, communications chief Kyung-hwa Kim, and helmsman Harold Kutari. His poor leadership immediately results in the Marines aboard, led by Lieutenant Karl Andressen, attempting to assassinate him and Yamamoto. A mutiny ensues, but just as the Marines take over, the ship inexplicably warp jumps to Raalgon space. Tylor inadvertently destroys four Raalgon ships, after the crew unites against their common foe.


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