Timeline: 6701-6800




The eighth Doctor teams with a restored earlier incarnation of Borusa, and the corrupt High Council is overthrown. The Time Lady Flavia takes over as Lady President of Gallifrey. Shortly after, due to the machinations of the Faction Paradox, Borusa is re-imprisoned in Rassilon's Tomb.


  • The Time Lords force the Doctor (fifth incarnation) to return to Gallifrey. He is accompanied by his companion Tegan Jovanka (), who is able to remain on Gallifrey without her memories erased due to taking the position of Earth Ambassador to Gallifrey. The Doctor is also reunited with Leela, who becomes his ally in the the unpleasantness.2


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush () visit the Time Lord Rummas on Carsus. They are pulled into a battle against the multiversal "Monica" Lamprey, jumping to various times and places, and ultimately defeat her. The Doctor receives a fatal influx of autron energy, and begins regenerating, when the TARDIS is attacked by the Rani's ship.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () visit Agrovan VII. The Doctor ends its ancient war by curing a Gallifreyan disease.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation), and humans Ace McShane (), Benny Summerfield (), and Tom Dekker (1926) arrive on Gallifrey. They stop a conspiracy of three Time Lords to destroy Rassilon.



  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Chris Cwej land in the House of Lungbarrow, trapped in a pocket realm on Gallifrey, and the Doctor is accused of murder while Chris receives telepathic images from many. Ace McShane gets abducted to Gallifrey, and Ferain of the CIA attempts to overthrow President Romana, but the combined help of Ace and Leela (who is pregnant with Andred's baby), results in the firming up of Romana's power. They help the Doctor reveal the true killer of the House's old head, and the House itself commits suicide.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) picks up Romana (second incarnation) and K-9 Mark II and takes them to 1979 to fulfill the Shada adventure.3


The planet Etra Prime is conquered by the Daleks. Gallifreyan Lady President Romana (second incarnation) is abducted and forced into slavery.
Andred steps down as Castellan of the Chancellery Guard upon the disappearance of Romana.


The Doctors (in his fifth, sixth, and seventh incarnations) are pulled to Gallifrey, and battle the Sirens of Time.


Ace McShane begins (intermittently) attending the Academy on Gallifrey.


September. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe arrive on the planet Archetryx in time for a temporal powers convention, inviting the Monan Host into the club. The summit is crashed by the Daleks, who devastate Archetryx. The Doctor and his allies travel to Gallifrey after being joined by an escaped Lady President Romana (second incarnation) who had been held captive by the Daleks for 20 years. The Daleks use subterfuge to begin an invasion of Gallifrey, though they are ultimately defeated.


April. The Time Lords confront the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (1930), and Romana (second incarnation) seeks to help the Charley paradox problem, while CIA-head Vansell plots. When they try to purge Charley of the paradox, the time station is transported to an antimatter universe. There they are confronted with the essences of those slain by being unmade through anti-time, and these "ghosts" take control of Vansell, trying to kill the Doctor and Romana, and wipe out Gallifrey from history. The Doctor and Charley ultimately save the day, Vansell dies redeeming himself, and they and the TARDIS are trapped in a pocket realm. The Doctor declares that he is the Gallifreyan folklore character Zagreus.
Narvin is named as Vansell's successor as head of the CIA.
June. Lady President Romana (second incarnation) and her robot dog K-9 meet and team up with Leela, and they together help the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (1930) defeat the embodiment of Rassilon and his puppet Zagreus entity. In the aftermath, the Doctor leaves for the Divergence's reality, and Charley sneaks aboard the TARDIS. The Doctor and Charley spend some subjective time in that reality, meeting C'rizz and having many adventures. Romana and Leela become allies.


Guard Captain Andred attempts to infiltrate the CIA under Narvin, and has a violent confrontation with Narvin's renegade agent Torvald. Torvald is killed, but Andred is mortally wounded, and regenerates into his second incarnation. In his post-regeneration stupor, he begins posing as the second Torvald.
President Romana of Gallifrey (second incarnation) investigates the procurement of a timonic device by the Free Time terrorists. Sending Leela and K-9 Mark I undercover along with CIA agent Torvald (secretly Andred), they discover a massive conspiracy is afoot.
Romana sends Leela on another undercover mission as an exotic dancer at a peace summit for the temporal powers, and she encounters a day-long time loop. Romana holds a secret conference fearing the danger at the fake one. The Time Lady peacemaker behind the time loops is completely mad, and is defeated by Romana and Leela.
Gallifreyan Inquisitor Darkel brings the many players in the recent events involving the timonic device before her court. In the course of the investigation, Romana learns of Braxiatel's work at establishing his collection. The Matrix is consulted, which reveals that the timonic device was tested, but then its test prevented. Leela learns of the supposed death of Andred at the hands of Torvald.


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