Timeline: 6601-6700



While under attack by Omega, the Time Lords enlist the aid of the Doctor in exile in his third incarnation in 1973. They also recruit his earlier first and second incarnations to help.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (1976) are forced by the Time Lords to the planet Karn, where they run afoul of the Sisterhood of Karn, as well as a scientist attempting to resurrect Morbius. After restoring the Sisterhood's Eternal Flame, the Doctor is forced into a showdown with Morbius, whom the Sisters throw to his apparent death.


  • October 7-9. The President of the High Council of Gallifrey is assassinated by Chancellor Goth, who lays the blame on the Doctor (fourth incarnation). The Doctor saves himself from execution by announcing his candidacy for the Presidency. The conspiracy is uncovered with the death of Goth, who reveals himself as a pawn of the degenerating Master (thirteenth incarnation), who escapes justice. The Doctor leaves and is elected President in absentia.1


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Leela (28), and K-9 arrive on a Minyan starship crewed by the remnants of their civilization, who have been pseudo-regenerating for a hundred thousand years. They all end up in a proto-nebula, where they encounter a planetoid, now populated by the descendants of its crew. The Doctor and his allies manage to rescue the slave descendants and capture the genetic archive, while the computer ruler and its ruling elite are destroyed in their own attempts to blow their enemies up. The Minyans and their descendants depart to Minyos II to restart their civilization.2


February. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) encounters the Vardan race, who force him to return to Gallifrey in the TARDIS. Accompanied by Leela and K-9, he takes his place as Lord President of Gallifrey. With the aid of Leela, K-9, Chancellor Borusa (eleventh incarnation), and young Time Lords Andred and Rodan, the Doctor manages to trick and defeat the Vardans and their allies the Sontarans, though they do briefly conquer Gallifrey. Leela, having secretly fallen in love with Andred, opts to stay on Gallifrey, and K-9 decides to accompany her. The Doctor leaves in the TARDIS, and activates a refurbished future version of K-9, Mark II.


On Gallifrey, the young Academy student Romanadvoratrelundar discovers the essence of Pandora, the ancient Imperiatrix of Gallifrey. Pandora tries to take control of her body, but Braxiatel (third incarnation) arrives and locks Pandora in Romanadvoratrelundar's mind using memory manipulation.


The abstract White Guardian (Master Order) recruits recent Academy graduate Romanadvoratrelundar to accompany the Doctor on a quest to find the pieces of the Key to Time.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Stacy Townsend (2246) visit the planet Mars. Coming across an ascendance ceremony for a young noble Martian Reptilian, they are confronted by the young noble Izaxyrl's guards, among them Ssard. They are shortly ambushed by a rival faction, and all the Martians save Ssard are slain, and Izaxyrl is abducted. The three later set on a quest, but are captured by the rivals, and the Doctor is forced to take Izaxyrl home, now unable to become an adult and shaming his family line. The Doctor and Izaxyrl rescue a captured Ssard and Stacy, learning that Izaxyrl's mother was involved in the conspiracy. She is slain by his father. The Doctor and Stacy invite Ssard along on their travels.


The Time Lords place the Doctor (fifth incarnation) on trial again, this time for being lazy. They let him go after the construct Shayde destroys all the evidence.


April. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa visit Vyax, and encounter another renegade Time Lord, Cardinal Zero. They are on-hand as he uses his regeneration to become a bird god and change Vyax's society's rules, removing the traditional punishing of a criminal's family for his crimes.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa are pulled to Gallifrey to help in the defeat of Omega.


On a tourist liner in the Sector of Forgotten Souls, Omega, believing himself to be the Doctor, investigates a murder mystery, eventually learning he is the culprit. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) shows up, and saves the tourists, while Omega falls into a back hole.


March 11. Narvinectralonum is born on Gallifrey.


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