Timeline: 6001-6600






  • July 24. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation), Donna Noble (41), and Martha Jones (25) (both 2009) arrive on the planet Messaline. Getting caught up in a war between human clones and the fish-like Hath, a female clone of the Doctor (named Jenny by Donna) quickly grows close to her "father". Martha befriends a Hath, who dies saving her life. Peace is eventually achieved, after Jenny apparently sacrifices her life saving the Doctor. After the travelers leave, Jenny semi-regenerates, and goes off on adventures of her own.2


  • September 14. The Time Lord boy (31) who will later be called the Doctor cries in a barn on Gallifrey. The TARDIS owned by his future self arrives, and his future companion, Clara Oswald (27/2014) accidentally grabs his leg from under the bed, scaring the boy. She comforts him with her words, and gives him a toy soldier.3


  • Young Gallifreyans Koschei and his friend are confronted by the bully Torvic. As Torvic beats Koschei, the other boy comes to his friend's defense, striking Torvic. Torvic dies, and Death appears before the boy. She offers him the chance to transfer the memory of the murder to Koschei, and he agrees.4


  • The House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey is sealed off in a pocket dimension after the murder of House Head Quences by Glospin (posing as the Time Lord who will later be known as the Doctor).5


  • The TARDIS arrives on the Benchmarking vessel Nevermore. The Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton (), and Barbara Wright () barely survive the presence of an alternate reality individual.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (1989) land in a spaceport that has been sealed off for 500 years. Its quarantined human population have degenerated into a society of Business vs. Economy classes, with each group being manipulated by the alien that originally caused the quarantine in the first place. The Doctor, Mel, and a pair of youths from Economy (Naysmith and Pretty), change their society around, allowing for the opening of the windows and the restoration of power.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (3722) visit a great museum on Moravania Minor, and are confronted with agents that steal knowledge.




  • The stage magician Citizen Abra travels back in time, becoming a supervillain.


  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Constance Clarke (37/1944) visit the planet Strellin. There they find native members of a monastery who have taken in crashed Daleks. The Daleks have learned to use a local flower to telepathically control people. Ultimately, the Daleks are destroyed and most of the flowers are wiped out to prevent the Daleks' retaining that power.6





The Time Lord called the Doctor and his granddaughter Susan flee the planet Gallifrey. Stealing a Type-40 TARDIS, the Doctor briefly encounters an echo of Clara Oswald. They escape Gallifrey in a TARDIS that Clara recommends. They inadvertently take Quadrigger Stoyn, working on said TARDIS, along with them.


May 31. Darkelatraquistahastrad is born on Gallifrey.


  • The Time Lords bring the Doctor (second incarnation) and his companions Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot (2079) to Gallifrey, having finally caught him after he enlisted their aid in helping time-displaced humans return to their lives. The Time Lords try the Doctor and find him guilty of interference. As part of their punishment, they return Jamie and Zoe to their original time periods, with their memories of their travels with the Doctor suppressed.7
  • The panda toy Hi-Fi, now charged, decides to flee the TARDIS, exiting on Gallifrey. He comes across the anachronistically present Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation). He joins Iris and her companion Tom Vergil on her TARDIS.8

In order to avoid the death penalty, the Doctor agrees to go on missions for the Celestial Intervention Agency. Young Time Lady Serenadellatrovella ("Serena") is assigned as his supervisor/assistant.


May 10. The Martian Reptilian (Ice Warrior) Ssard is birthed on Mars.


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