Timeline: 60001-66740



  • The planets of the Eternian Hegemony suffer a complete technological collapse after the electromagnetic fallout from a great war. The three worlds of the Hegemony (the homeworld Eternia and colonies of Etheria and Enduria) lose all ability to travel between worlds.1



  • A slave ship in orbit of the planet Enduria undergoes a rebellion of its slaves and crew, led by the Cat Leo. Leo forges the Sword of Omens in fighting the tyrannical Mumm-Ra. The ship crashes to the planet's surface, and the different types of animal humanoids spread out on the planet. Leo and his mate Panthera found the Kingdom of Thundera.2


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (40), and Tegan Jovanka (23) visit the Sirius Archipelago, following a signal. Their arrival coincides with an attempt to take over the society there by an official, himself manipulated by the race of android servants. The system of perpetual war is exposed, and the society begins reformations.3










  • Thunderan warrior Panthro (18) meets Grune on the field of battle against the forces of the Lizards. The two are fast friends. They prove their mettle by helping save King Claudus.4




  • Keldor (30) and a band of goons attempt to overthrow the Eternian royal family. Ultimately unsuccessful, Keldor attempts to slay his half-brother with acid, but the attack is deflected and hits Keldor in the face.5 After retreating, Evil-Lyn brings the dying Keldor before his master Hordak, who saves his life, but leaves his face as resembling a fleshless skull.


  • May 26. Teela Na gives birth to a daughter she names Teela. Knowing that she cannot raise the child while keeping her duty to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull, she gives the child over to the girl's father (who is unaware he is such) Duncan (30).


  • February 17. Eternian Queen Marlena and King Randor's twin children, Adam and Adora, are born.
  • May 19. Hordak and his Evil Horde, including Skeletor (32), make an assault on Eternos. Hordak and Skeletor slip away from the main force to attempt to abduct the infant children of the king. Hordak seizes Adora, but Duncan (31) interferes in time to stop the abduction of Adam. Skeletor is captured, but Hordak escapes extra-dimensionally with Adora.6
  • August 5. Lion-O, son of King Claudus of Thundera, is born. His mother dies in childbirth.




King Claudus, after instead promoting Lynx-O to command of the Army, sends his generals Grune and Panthro (34) off on a quest to find the fabled Book of Omens.7
Young warrior Cheetara (14) attempts to join Jaga's clerical order. She fails her initial test of character, but remains for several days at the temple, showing her resilience. She makes it through the time with the moral support of a young guard, Tygra (13). Jaga eventually accepts Cheetara into his ranks.


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