Timeline: 6000-5001 BCE


5970 BCE

  • The undersea Atlantis is besieged by aquatic humanoid monsters called the Faceless Ones. The cultist Suma-Ket leads a group to drive them off, and they begin to seize power.

5959 BCE

  • Suma-Ket's forces are defeated in civil war in the undersea Atlantis. He and his followers are banished.

5856 BCE

5764 BCE

5654 BCE

  • April 4. Elrond and Elros are born to Elwing and Earendil in the Havens of Sirlon, Beleriand, Arda.

5592 BCE

  • Morgoth (Melkor) is cast into the Void and destroyed. Most of the Beleriand region of Arda sinks into the sea, while various land masses, including Mordor, rise.

5560 BCE

  • The half-elf Elros (94) is crowned first King of Númenor.

5507 BCE

  • The goddesses Nayru, Farore, and Din saturate the world of Hyrule with mystical potential, channeling it through a tripartite conduit dubbed the Triforce. The three parts represent what each goddess considers her greatest attribute: Nayru is represented by the Triforce of Wisdom, Farore by the Triforce of Courage, and Din by the Triforce of Power.1

5506 BCE

August 20. The Goddess Farore creates Jabu-Jabu, Lord of the Sea on Hyrule.
December 30. The Goddess Din creates the Lord of the Sky Valoo on Hyrule.

5501 BCE

  • Undersea Atlanteans begin settling the sunken remnants of Lemuria.

5497 BCE

  • Tatooine is colonized by citizens of the Galactic Republic.

5186 BCE

  • The Galactic Republic makes first contact with the Mon Calamari species.

5150 BCE

  • August 26. King Elros Tar-Minytaur (404) of Númenor dies. His son Vardamir Nolimon succeeds him, but he immediately abdicates. His own son, Tar-Amandil, becomes third King of Númenor.

5111 BCE

  • May 20. A man is born in Europe. He will one day be known as Felix Faust.

5040 BCE

  • The Galactic Republic-based Czerka Corporation discovers the planet Kashyyyk, homeworld of the Wookiees, and claims it.

5032 BCE

  • October 1. Nommo Balewa is born in Africa.

5027 BCE

  • November 9. A vast number of Yip-Yips are born on the planet Uh-Huh.

5018 BCE

  • February 17. The city of Sumer is founded in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley.

5002 BCE

  • Nommo Balewa (29) is empowered by the Pillar of Life, and founds the Empire of Kor.

5001 BCE

  • May 23. A European sorcerer (110) of some power attacks the mystic king Nommo Balewa (30) of the African kingdom of Kor. Nommo defeats him, banishing him to an extra-dimensional realm.


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