Timeline: 551-600



  • November. After a sorcerer abducts Queen Aleta, her husband Valiant (41) and their son Arn (15) come to her rescue. The warlock's use of the "Eternity Stone" causes a temporal-spatial rift to coincide with one from 1956, bringing members of the Defenders of the Earth to this time. Valiant and Arn help rescue the time-travelers, who are Flash Gordon (48), his teenage son Rick (15), Mandrake the Magician (61), Lothar (58), the Phantom (40), and his daughter Jedda Walker. Valiant and Arn are inducted into the Defenders, and the eight heroes storm the warlock's castle while also fending off an attack by a genetically-engineered mutant monster. A rescued Aleta uses her mystical powers to help the Defenders get back to their own time.1



May 2. Tummi is born to Mummi and Gruffi (23) in Gummi Glen.


  • The Rihannsu found the Romulan Republic.


January 10. Cavin is born in the Kingdom of Dunwyn in Wales. He is the grandson of Sir Gawain (71).


December 16. Sunni is born to Mummi and Gruffi (29) in Gummi Glen.


April 23. Muhammad is born in Mecca on the Arabian peninsula.
The Gummi Bear Gusto (14) is stranded on a volcanic island.


September 24. Cubbi is born to Mummi and Gruffi (31) in Gummi Glen.


December. The sorcerer Zummi (60) attempts to forge an alliance with the humans rather than contribute to the departure of their race from the normal plane. The Gummi rulers discover his plot, and there is a pitched battle. Zummi's daughter Mummi is slain. The rest of the family is imprisoned.


January. The Great Gummis depart from Gummi Glen. They curse the rebel Zummi (60) and his family with partial amnesia so as to be unable to find their way to the Gummis' new home, and they are left with the care of Gummi Glen. Zummi's family forgets their familial relationships to each other.



September 14. Dunwynian page Cavin (13) happens upon the remaining Gummi Bears (Zummi [62], Grammi [61], Gruffi [41], Tummi [17], Sunni [12], and Cubbi [9]) at Gummi Glen while fleeing an attack by ogres. He befriends them and helps save Dunwyn Castle from Duke Sigmund Igthorn's siege. Ightorn himself becomes aware of the Gummis and seeks their secrets. Zummi takes Cavin's Gummi medallion and uses it to access the Great Book of Gummi.


December. Gruffi (42) and Tummi Gummi (18) get shipwrecked on a small volcanic island. They meet Augustus "Gusto" Gummi (26), and escape with him when the volcano erupts.


August 22. Thorin, son of Thrain, is born in the Lonely Mountain Kingdom, Arda.


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