Timeline: 526-550



  • July 22. Galahad is born to Elaine of Corbenic. The father is Sir Lancelot of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • After the death of Ilene, Valiant's (16) rival Arn gives him the Singing Sword Flamberge.
  • King Arthur Pendragon () names Valiant a full knight of the Round Table.


  • King Aguar and Prince Valiant (19) retake the throne of the land of Thule.

September 12. King Beowulf (72) of Geatland slays a dragon, but suffers mortal wounds, and dies. During the battle, he meets the time-traveling Hex Schofield (25) and Sally Morgan (20/2020) in the White TARDIS, and then has a reunion with Garundel (400), Ace McShane (34), and Lysandra Aristedes (46/2026).


  • June. Sir Justin (24) becomes a Knight of the Round Table.
  • August. Sir Justin heads out on a quest to find the ogre Blunderbore after it kills his fellow knight. Sir Justin rescues Merlin not long into the quest, and Merlin gives him a blessing by bestowing him with magically lightweight armor and a powerful sword. He also transforms Justin's horse into a winged steed.
  • September. Sir Justin confronts the ogre Blunderbore. While battling, they are caught in an avalanche and buried alive. The magic surrounding Justin's armor causes him to enter a state of suspended animation.
  • Sir Valiant (21) arrives in the Misty Isles in the Aegean, and meets their queen Aleta (18).




  • After a several months-long chase, Prince Valiant of Thule (26) and his allies are able to recover Queen Aleta (23) after traveling deep into the continent later known as North America.
  • October 4. Aleta and Valiant's son, Arn, is born.


  • After making a deal with a demon in order to get a position in his local diocese, Theophilus repents of his crime, and entreats the Virgin Mary to help him. She appears before him after several weeks of fasting. He fasts some more, then his diabolical contract appears. Another clergyman burns the contract, releasing Theophilus from it. Theophilus dies of happiness.1


July 21. The elderly Tyrannus (80), near death, is immersed in a mystical pool by his slaves the Tyrannoids. He is restored to youth and vitality.


August 2. Gruffi is born in Gummi Glen.
The Knights of the Round Table, led by King Arthur (56) and including Sirs Lancelot (45), Percival (51), Galahad (16), Gawain (43), Bors the Younger, and Ector, set out to capture the Holy Grail, which has made it to Great Britain.
The Knights face the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrggghhh, a tiny white rabbit of immense viciousness.2
Sirs Percival, Galahad, and Bors recover the Holy Grail. The energies of the relic alter Percival, and he becomes the Fisher King.
October 15. En route home, the three knights encounter the ghost of Joseph of Arimathea, and Galahad is overcome with rapture. He requests to die, and his wish is granted by the Grail. A host of angels appear, and take Galahad (16) to Yahweh's heaven.


Discovering the affair between Lancelot (46) and Guinevere (46), King Arthur (57) declares war against Lancelot's lands. While he is away, Mordred (19) stages a coup and becomes ruler of Camelot.
The Battle of Camlann occurs, wherein King Arthur faces off against Mordred. Mordred mortally wounds Arthur, who is taken to the mystical island Avalon and placed in an enchanted sleep within the Hollow Hill.
Camelot falls.
The demon Etrigan (542) is bonded to the druid Jason (40), who becomes Jason Blood, and is cursed with immortality.


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