Timeline: 5101-6000



  • Javic Thane (36) leaves the employ of the Time Agency and becomes a freelance con man.


  • River Song enrolls in Luna University and begins studying archaeology.1


River Song earns her doctorate degree in archaeology. She is immediately abducted by Madame Kovarian and transported to Lake Silencio in 2011.


Rory Williams (2011) tries to recruit River Song from the Stormcage Facility to rescue Amy Pond and their baby in 5145. River refuses to help, knowing that she is in fact said baby.


River Song escapes from the Stormcage Containment Facility to answer a summons by the Doctor to 2011 Utah.


  • River Song, prisoner in the Stormcage Containment Facility, escapes after receiving a phone call from Winston Churchill () in 1941. She visits a Royal Art Collection, encountering Queen Elizabeth X (). She then gets a vortex manipulator from black marketeer Dorium Maldovar (), and travels back to the year 102 at Stonehenge.2
  • June 4. While being held prisoner by Madame Kovarian at Demon's Run, Amelia Pond () gives birth to a daughter she names Melody Pond. Kovarian immediately replaces Melody with a psionically linked "Flesh" clone.3

The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Rory Williams (2011), Vastra (1891), Jenny Flint (1891), Strax (4037), Dorium Maldovar, and various others assault the Silence station at Demon's Run. They rescue Amy Pond and her baby Melody. Dorium is beheaded (though the head survives), and the victors suddenly go on the defensive. Strax is severely injured, and the Flesh clone of Melody dissolves, with them learning the baby is still in the Silence's control. River Song then arrives, and reveals she is a grown-up Melody.
Vastra and Jenny Flint revive Strax, who returns with them to 1891.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amy Pond (2010) meet up with River Song at the crash of a starliner. They encounter the Weeping Angels, who have been discovered after centuries on Alfava Metraxis. While simultaneously dealing with the encroaching tears in reality, the Angels are defeated. River's aid in the adventure allows her to get a pardon.


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) takes Donna Noble (2009) to a planet library, and finds it deserted. An archaeological team appears, headed by the mysterious Professor River Song, who knows the Doctor, though they have not met from the Doctor's perspective. They are soon under attack by the shadow-dwelling Vashta Nerada, who kill River's team one-by-one. River sacrifices her life to stop them, but the Doctor uploads her consciousness to the Library computer.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Izzy Sinclair (1996) visit the satelloid Icarus Falling, and face both the Daleks and the Threshold. The Doctor works with an energy being to ignite a new star, destroying the Daleks and foiling the Threshold's plans.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard visit the Library at Alexandria IV, and encounter Grel destroying books, infecting them with an actualization virus.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) brings Madge Arwell and her children Lily and Cyril (all 1941) to Androzani Major. They have an encounter with wooden beings.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard arrive in the middle of an experiment to transform Daleks into friendly "Thaleks". Ultimately unable to convince them that it was too dangerous a game the Thals are playing, they depart. Within a few months, the Thaleks revert to form, and the entire facility is destroyed in a failsafe explosion.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation) arrive on the colonial ship Myriad in the Pavonis system. They discover that the crew, a group of humans evacuating their colony world, had unwittingly unleashed the threat of the Pyralis, a race the Time Lords had trapped. While also investigating a murder mystery, they manage to return the Pyralis to their imprisonment with the sacrifice of a mad A.I.


  • Births: Lilith (December 16)


July 15. Braxiatel is born in the House of Lungbarrow on Gallifrey.


August 10. Ushas is born on Gallifrey.


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