Timeline: 51-100



  • October 13. Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus (16) is crowned Emperor of the Roman Empire.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26) run into the Iceni warrior queen Boudicca (38), and Leela joins her side when she learns of her past. The Doctor is wary of helping, but Boudicca threatens him when she learns he is a "prophet". When Boudicca begins massacring the Romans at Camulodunum, she switches sides, no longer considering Boudicca worthy of her following. The Doctor and Leela escape with the young Iceni girl Bragnar.

July 3. After the Romans gain the advantage against Boudicca (38), she kills herself rather than be captured.
July 8. Surak (138) is assassinated by Yhri terrorists.


  • June 23. Pol Krinn (Time Trapped) and Bits arrive in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula in this era. Encountering a caravan, they meet tribe leader Faisal and his daughter, Tehrista (17). They join the caravan. Pol adopts the alias Paul (Baulus).


  • June 13. The TARDIS arrives in this era near Rome. The Time Lord Doctor, Ian Chesterton (33/1963), Barbara Wright (31/1963), and Vicki Pallister (17/2494) take up residence in an unoccupied house.

July 10. The Doctor and Vicki Pallister travel to Rome, and get caught up in intrigue involving Emperor Nero (26). Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton are abducted by slave traders, and have adventures as well, ending up in Rome.
July 18-19. Emperor Nero secretly sets fire to Rome, which becomes known as the Great Fire. Separately, the Doctor and Vicki Pallister and Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright return to their adopted home, then leave Rome in the TARDIS.


  • June 9. Roman Emperor Nero (30) commits suicide.

July 29. Paul (Pol Krinn) and Tehrista (21) are wed.


  • August 24. The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Donna Noble (40/2009) arrive via TARDIS to the city of Pompeii on the Italian peninsula in the Roman Empire. They inadvertently become involved in a conflict with alien Pyroviles, and the Doctor is forced to ensure the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, killing most of Pompeii's population. They do save the family of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, however.
  • August 24. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (29) arrive via TARDIS to the city of Pompeii. They are there when Mt. Vesuvius erupts, as the Doctor feels the need to complete the timeline.


  • September 10. Garundel is born on Urodel.



  • The Star Warriors and the forces of Nightmare engage in a final battle. It ends with the deaths of most of the Star Warriors, and Nightmare's disappearance. One of the few survivors, Meta Knight (839), suspects Nightmare will return, and begins working toward that day.


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