Timeline: 5051-5100





  • The Wind Fish falls asleep, creating an egg around itself, and its dreams create the island of Koholint, and its inhabitants. Its draws various people from throughout space-time (including Kirby, Simon Wright, Prince Richard of the Custard Kingdom, Bowwow the Chain Chomp, and Wart the Mamu) to the island and trapping them, integrating them into the island's "backstory", with time unchanging for all in the island's dream-like atmosphere.
  • June 13. Unique among the inhabitants, the child Marin is born.


Aliens attack the Boeshane Peninsula on the planet Boe. Franklin Thane is killed in the attack, and his son Gray is abducted, also believed killed. Gray's older brother Javic (11) escapes relatively unscathed.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (), and Zoe Heriot () arrive on a planet with desert seas, and find its populace, composed of ships' refugees, wanting for nothing. They face the leader of the people, the Doctor's old associate Stoyn. Stoyn, desperate to get home, had pulled the TARDIS there to power his own dislocation to Gallifrey, but the Doctor and his friends stop him.


  • November 21. The Hylian boy Link (17), after receiving a telepathic message from Princess Zelda (17), follows his Uncle Uncle to Hyrule Castle, and finds it overwhelmed with monsters. His Uncle dies from injuries sustained in fighting, and Link takes up his sword and weapons. Link rescues Zelda from the dungeon, and helps her escape. He learns he is destined to save Hyrule by preventing the return of Ganon, and that he must defeat the Wizard Agahnim to do so. Link sets out on his quest.1


  • The Wind Fish, a mystical whale entity on the planet Hyrule, approaches awakening, and casts winds about in its vicinity. The Hylian hero Link is shipwrecked on the Wind Fish's island Koholint, where he meets and befriends the girl Marin. Link is unable to leave, and finds himself defeating creatures called "Nightmares". These beings attempt to prevent him from gathering Instruments to perform the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which will awaken the great whale, allowing him to leave the island. Along the way, Link encounters Kirby, Prince Richard of the Custard Kingdom, Wart the Mamu, Bowwow the Chain Chomp, and a lovelorn Simon Wright, all who have no memory of their true identities. Upon the destruction of the final Nightmare, the Wind Fish indeed awakens, causing the disappearance of all the inhabitants of Koholint, who return to their own worlds and times. Marin herself, a new life born on the island rather than a transported person, is transformed into a seagull, and flies away with the Wind Fish.2


November 25. Dorium Maldovar is born on Bolarus. His father is human.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) arrives on Refiloe. He is abducted by a mysterious agent who creates a scenario where he believes he's reunited with Peri Brown. Ultimately, the Doctor turns things around and escapes.


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