Timeline: 501-525



  • January 1. Arthur (15) pulls the sword Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny, and is crowned King of Camelot, and "High King of Britain".1



  • King Arthur Pendragon (19) establishes the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Percival (15) leaves the forest where he has been living since his father died. He begins training to become a knight.


  • Sir Percival (16) joins the Knights of the Round Table.



  • August. Former Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus (48), now calling himself Tyrannus, gathers a small force in an attempt to conquer Camelot. Brought to King Arthur (23) and Merlin (119), the wizard banishes him beneath the surface of the Earth. He is teleported to the Subterranean caverns, and encounters one of the docile Subterranean peoples. He enslaves them quickly, and dubs them the Tyrannoids.


  • Gawain (11) finds a Gummi medallion.




  • Sligon overthrows King Aguar of Thule. Aguar, his wife, and son Valiant (5) are forced to flee. They travel to the southern portion of Great Britain.


  • January 1. The mysterious Green Knight (29) appears at the court of Camelot. He challenges to take a blow to the head, as long as the challenged will take a return blow to the head in one year and one day. Sir Gawain (20) accepts, and beheads the Knight. The Knight picks up his severed head, and leaves, reminding Gawain of the agreement.
  • December 30-January 1 519. Sir Gawain (21) arrives at a castle near the Green Chapel, and meets its lord, Bertilak de Hautdesert (30). Bertilak invites Gawain to stay, and plays games testing the knight's chivalry. He goes so far as to send his wife to seduce Gawain repeatedly, but the youth declines, though he does take a girdle that supposedly protects him from harm.


  • January 2. Sir Gawain (21) arrives at the Green Chapel, and submits himself to the Green Knight (30). The Green Knight spares him, and reveals himself to be Bertilak de Hautdesert. Bertilak reveals the entire exercise is part of a convoluted plot by Morgaine le Fey.




  • March 20. Morgaine (44) gives birth to her son Mordred.
  • June 1. King Arthur (38) marries Lady Guinevere (27), who becomes Queen Consort.
  • Exiled Prince Valiant (13) gets his fortune read, and is told he will have an adventurous life, and will face imminent grief. He soon learns his mother has died.


  • Sir Lancelot (28) is inducted into the Knights of the Round Table. He quickly impresses Arthur () enough to become Arthur's second-in-command.
  • Queen Guinevere (28) begins an affair with Sir Lancelot.
  • Sir Gawain () meets young exiled Prince Valiant (14). He and the lad are fast friends, and Valiant soon wants to become a knight himself, and begins traveling with Gawain.
  • Upon arrival in Camelot, and meeting the King Arthur and the Knights, Valiant is named Gawain's squire.


  • King Pelles, hoping to fulfill prophecy, helps trick Sir Lancelot () into sleeping with his other daughter, Elaine. They conceive a child.


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