Timeline: 50001-60000




December 24. Jenna is born in Vale, Angara continent, planet Weyard.



August 23. Mia is born in Imil, Angara continent, planet Weyard.


April 30. Ivan is born in Contigo, Atteka continent, planet Weyard.


August 30. A great storm, caused by alchemical manipulations in the vicinity by Mars Adepts Saturos and Menardi, pummels the town of Vale near the base of Mt. Aleph on Weyard. The boy Felix (15) is knocked into the nearby river, and while trying to save him, a massive boulder strikes the pier, causing the apparent deaths of Felix, his parents, and local Kyle. Jenna (14), Felix's sister, and Isaac (14), Kyle's son, survive.
August 30. Felix, Kyle, and his parents are rescued by Saturos and Menardi, but imprisoned and taken to the town of Prox.
August 31. Isaac, Jenna, and their friend Garet pledge to become alchemical adepts, and begin training under Kraden. Isaac begins training as a Venus adept, and Jenna and Garet as Mars adepts.


August 30. Friends Isaac (17), Jenna (17), and Garet (17) travel with their mentor Kraden to Mt. Aleph. They confront ne'er-do-wells Saturos and Menardi, along with their allies, Felix (18), now a Venus adept, and Alex, who take three of the Elemental Stars and Jenna and Kraden hostage and escape at the awakening of a malevolent entity. Isaac and Garet set out on the quest to stop them and save their friends.
August 31. Isaac and Felix meet young Jupiter adept Ivan (15), who shortly joins them on their quest.
September 4. Isaac, Felix, and Ivan meet young Mercury adept Mia (16), who joins them on their quest.
December 22. The various adventurers' quest comes to an end, as the psynergy energy erupts and empowers the world of Weyard.


  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa visit a planet wherein stories are used as currency. They get caught up in smuggling operations.1


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Leela, and K-9 arrive on Pluto, which is run by an evil company backed by Usurian interests. They manage to get the human populace to overthrow their tyrannical rulers.2


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