Timeline: 5000000000-1000000001 BCE


4,820,214,395 BCE

4,553,779,557 BCE

  • The Salomj race creates the Guardian of Forever.

4,536,451,943 BCE

  • The Salomj race seeds the Milky Way Galaxy with Seeds of Life, which come in two varieties, traveling in White and Black Moon transports. As a result, through the Black Moons, Humans, Vulcans, Gallifreyans, Coruscanti, Hylians, Kryptonians, Kree, Mylenyal, and thousands of other species evolve along similar lines, resembling those of the Salomj.1
  • A White Moon sent by the Salomj arrives on Earth carrying the Seed of Life "Adam", that will result in non-humanoid life evolving sapience on the planet.
  • An error in Salomj calculations causes a second Seed of Life, "Lilith", to appear on Earth. Lilith's Black Moon transport's collision with Earth, dubbed First Impact billions of years hence, creates Earth's moon. The Seed Adam goes into suspended animation with the use of its "Spear of Longinus", the Salomj's failsafe.

4,498,221,458 BCE

  • The Timeship USN Pelican crashes on a planet that will later be called Pelachan.2

4,498,219,597 BCE

  • Evelyn Rossiter (2590) is transported to this date to the planet Pelachan. She settles into life there.3

4,498,219,587 BCE

4,498,219,586 BCE

  • July 14. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (2028) arrive on Pelachan as part of the endgame with the Word Lord. The Doctor's former companion, Evelyn Rossiter (81), suffers a heart attack, and the Word Lord Nobody Noone is trapped in her mind as she dies. Hex Schofield leaves the time period with the TARDIS.5

4,308,122,909 BCE

  • January 24. The entities Mew and Arceus come into existence in a pocket realm adjacent to the planet later called Biisere.

3,799,465,006 BCE

  • A Jagaroth ship crash-lands on Earth. The Jagaroth Scaroth attempts to take off from the planet to save his people, but an explosion causes him to be temporally fractured across Earth's history. The fragment of Scaroth from 1979 appears here to prevent the explosion, and is stopped by the Time Lord Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and Noah Duggan (1979).6
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard (2370) is brought to this point by Q to witness the dawn of life on Earth.7

3,500,925,811 BCE

  • November 8. Temporal energies coalesce on the Earth, creating several nexus points on the planet. The Phoenix Force is drawn to Earth by the energies, and its own life-force based existence mingles with the planet's young biosphere and the field emitted by the Seed of Life Lilith, causing it to attain a pseudo-existence as the Demiurge.

3,500,925,810 BCE

  • April 22. In order to purge itself of mystical energy, the Demiurge splinters off portions of itself, inadvertently creating the "Elder Gods". The beings, only partially connected to physical reality, include Gaea, Chthon, Fenric, Oshtur, and Set.
  • The Elder Goddess Oshtur departs Earth for the cosmos.
  • The Elder God Set begins killing its fellows, realizing it can gain mystical power through absorbing those of its kills. The others begin doing so as well, save for Gaea. Gaea, fearing for Earth's fragile fledgling life, entreats the Demiurge, and they create the Demogorge, who consumes most of them. Chthon, Set, and a few others escape by departing entirely from normal space-time. In the aftermath, Gaea absorbs the Demogorge into herself to give birth to it later in case need rises again. Gaea fuses with the Demiurge and the planet itself.

2,592,874,693 BCE

  • The Doctor (second incarnation), with companions Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot, arrive on the planet later called Mars, where the Gondorans, a reptilian species, face extinction, and engineer a warrior caste. The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe join forces with the Gondoran scientist whose insane genetically engineered daughter wants to wipe out the Gondorans and conquer Earth. Zoe builds a bond with the first Ice Lord, but nearly all of the Martians die in the confrontations.8

1,000,001,068 BCE

  • The remains of Outpost Allon (3000) materialize in a distant corner of the universe. Element Lad finds himself the only one conscious on the remains of Outpost Allon. He wraps his friends (Saturn Girl, Kid Quantum, Live Wire, Monstress, Umbra, Ultra Boy, Brainiac 5, and Chameleon) in tromium, and manages to open a rift back to the future, which he sends the Outpost through. Unfortunately, he is left behind in the past, forced to live a billion years of solitude.9
  • The energy being called ERG-1 ("Drake Burroughs") (3000) also finds itself displaced, but without a containment suit, its consciousness degrades.


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