Timeline: 5000-4001 BCE


4982 BCE

  • May 12. The Great Deku Tree (524) creates the Kokiri, a race of Hylian-like immortal children.

4976 BCE

  • The Wookiee populace overthrows the Czerka Corporation, liberating Kashyyyk.

4851 BCE

  • February 15. Gaea spawns the first Olympian Being, Ouranos.

4760 BCE

  • August 27. The Anunnaki create a race of shape-shifting servants, whose default forms resemble humans with large wings on their backs, dubbing them angels. Among this first group created are Asmodeus, Aztar, Castiel, Eclipso, Gabriel, Lucifer, Metatron, Roarke, and Rodin.

4701 BCE

  • The Great Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic begins with the Battle of Korriban.

4673 BCE

  • The Great Galactic War ends as Sith Empire forces seize Coruscant, resulting in the Galactic Republic's surrender. The Treaty of Coruscant results in the ceding of many words to the Empire.

4671 BCE

  • Kashyyyk is admitted to the Galactic Republic.

4592 BCE

  • The Dark Lord Sauron begins construction of the fortress Barad-dur in Mordor on Arda.

4527 BCE

  • September 20-October 6. The Caeliar city-ship Mantilis, temporally displaced from 2168 CE, lands on the planet Arehaz in the Delta Quadrant, carrying twelve Caeliar and six humans. The Caeliar begin to degenerate as the humans seek food and shelter outside Mantilis. When the three survivors (Karl Graylock, Kiona Thayer, and Gage Pembleton) return to Mantilis, the only surviving Caeliar is the fully degenerated Sedín, who absorbs them into her gestalt, having two of them eat the other (Pembleton). Completely mad, she dubs her collective the Borg (for Graylock's last thought of becoming a cyborg) and proceeds to assimilate the native sapient species of the planet, the Kindir. Thayer's body becomes that of the first Borg Queen.

4427 BCE

  • January 30. The god Osiris is born to Nut and Geb.

4415 BCE

  • May 6. The goddess Isis is born to Nut and Geb.

4403 BCE

  • August 22. The god Set is born to Nut and Geb.

4391 BCE

  • June 29. Nephthys is born to Nut and Geb.

4242 BCE

  • Galadriel and her husband Celeborn settle in Lothlórien.

4111 BCE

  • November 25. The Tan Athens comes into existence in her namesake settlement.

4092 BCE

  • The Rings of Power are forged on Arda. Elves forge nineteen of the Rings, creating three for themselves, seven for the Dwarves, and nine for Men.

4072 BCE

  • March 29. Nephthys (318) and Osiris's (355) child, Anubis, is born. Osiris's wife/sister Isis (342) decides to raise the young god as her own.

4020 BCE

  • The planet Naboo suffers a civil war between the two Gungan sub-species.

4019 BCE


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