Timeline: 500-401 BCE


499 BCE

  • The sword Excalibur is forged on the mystical island of Avalon.

490 BCE

  • August 11. The Tan Germania comes into existence in north central Europe.

483 BCE

  • July 11. Siddhartha Gautama (80), the great Buddha, dies. His soul achieves nirvana, and becomes one with the universe, losing its AT-field and dissipating.1

481 BCE

  • A woman arrives on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She discovers the mysterious connection to the Earth's biomorphic field called the Source, and is rendered unaging by its energies. She becomes its guardian.

479 BCE

  • September 29. The philosopher Confucius (72) dies in his native Lu state.

470 BCE

463 BCE

  • March 25. Yiig is born on Mageeron.

410 BCE

  • July. Bill Preston (16) and Ted Logan (16) (both 1988), with passenger Billy the Kid (19/1879), arrive in Athens in their time-traveling phone booth. They meet the philosopher Socrates (59), and take him on a time-traveling adventure before eventually returning him to this time.


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