Timeline: 50-1 BCE


50 BCE

  • October 29. A village in Armorica comes under siege by Roman forces, the last town in Gaul to not have surrendered to the superior might of Julius Caesar's Rome. The town is protected by the warrior Asterix (30), who begins a series of whacky adventures.1

45 BCE

44 BCE

  • March 15. Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (55) is assassinated by a group of his former friends, led by Brutus.2

43 BCE

  • December 7. Famed orator Marcus Tullius Cicero, 63, enemy of the Roman state, is murdered while attempting to depart Formia.3

41 BCE

  • After briefly visiting ancient Egypt, the TARDIS (carrying the sixth Doctor and Peri Brown [23]) tries to take off, but the Rani's attempt to steal part of the Doctor's TARDIS results in the creation of a replication of part of Earth, focusing around the Roman Empire.4

36 BCE

The djinn known as the Blue Djinn attempts to force the young djinn Fawzia (28) to marry him. In his anger, he tricks her into a bottle, sealing her in, binding her to it.

33 BCE

  • Surak (44) discovers his calling on Mount Seleya, to lead the Vulcan people into a logic-based, peaceful society, where emotions are controlled.

32 BCE

30 BCE

S'task (15) joins Surak's (47) fledgling movement.
August 12. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII (39) dies after forcing a snake bite upon herself as a means of suicide.

27 BCE

January 16. Octavian (35) is named Emperor of Rome Augustus Caesar, and the Roman Empire officially replaces the Roman Republic.

24 BCE

22 BCE

Vulcan has first contact with the Orion people. The encounter is disastrous, and Orions invade Vulcan.
S'task (23) is captured by Orions. He leads a violent uprising, which results in the Orions fleeing Vulcan.

21 BCE

19 BCE

  • Famed Roman poet Virgil (50) dies.5

13 BCE

10 BCE

February 8. Sétanta is born to Deichtine in Ulster. His father is the Tuatha de Danaan god Lugh. When Lugh departs, the group of Ulstermen decide to help raise the boy together.

  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (23) land on the replication of the Roman Empire, and are pulled into the machinations of the power players, the children of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. This is complicated by Peri's transformation into a giant bird, and the Doctor's regression into his prior incarnations. Ultimately, they help install Ptolemy Caesar as leader of the Roman Empire, and the Rani (second incarnation), posing as Cleopatra's daughter, escapes. The entity responsible for the creation of the replication transforms itself into a planet and places itself around a star, making "Terra Nova" into a real world. The Doctor and Peri leave Terra Nova, and return to normal.6



  • March. Yahweh decides in order to learn to understand humans, he must become one. He cuts off a portion of his essence, making it mortal, and placing it within a virgin woman in Judea, impregnating her.
  • The archangel Gabriel visits Mary (16) and Joseph (19) (separately) in Nazareth, and informs them that Yahweh has given Mary a child, who is supposed to be the foretold Messiah.
  • Summer. A pair of immortals are continuing to lose their powers when the woman of the pair is attacked with swords. The man saves her. They decide to part for a time due to the threat.7
  • December 24. While simultaneously fleeing a massacre and traveling for a census, Joseph (20) and Mary (17) arrive in the town of Bethlehem. Unable to find a room to stay the night, they stay in the stables.
  • December 25. Mary gives birth to her son, Joshua (Jesus in Greek).8
  • Upon the birth of Jesus, Yahweh forces the Spectre (4756) into exile, forcing it to return only when paired with a human host.


  • January 69. Three seers, Melchior of Persia, Caspar of India, and Balthazar of Ethiopia, visit the infant Joshua after having foreseen his birth, and having been led by a "star". The provide gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.10 They briefly encounter the Hebrew infant Brian, who is coincidentally also in a stable.11 Alongside the magi is a Hebrew orphan, Aaron (10). Aaron performs a piece on his drum as a gift for the infant.12
  • Culainn's watchdog garbeast attacks Sétanta. The boy kills the hound. He offers to act as Culainn's Hound, and Culainn gives him a new name: Cu Chulainn.




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