Timeline: 4999-5000



  • March 1. Twinleaf Town native Dawn Palmieri and her best friend Barry Palmer head to nearby Lake Verity. They run into Professor Karl Rowan and his assistant Lucas Park. Using some of Rowan's Pokémon, they stop some attacking Starly. Rowan tells Dawn and Barry to meet with him again at his lab in Sandgem Town.1
  • March 2. Dawn and Barry arrive in Sandgem Town, and reunite with Professor Rowan and Lucas. They are each offered the Pokémon they used against the Starly. Dawn takes a Piplup, Barry takes a Turtwig, and Lucas takes a Chimchar. The three head out on a Pokémon journey with their new Pokédexes.2

March 1. Dawn Palmieri sees Mesprit.
March 1. James Von Rich's family sends him his Carnivine, Carnie.
March 2. Barry Palmer catches a Starly, and names it Bomberman.
March 4. Lucas Parker catches a Roselia. He names it Flora.
March 5. Barry Palmer finds a Shiny Stone using his Dowsing Machine. He then asks to trade his Turtwig for Lucas Parker's Roselia. Lucas agrees, renaming his new Turtwig Terra Firma. Barry uses the Shiny Stone immediately on the Roselia, evolving it to Roserade. He dubs it General George Washington.
March 7. Wally Gulbenkian's cousin Aaron White visits him, and brings a gift: a Croagunk! Wally names it Macho.
March 8. A Buneary meets Red's Pikachu, and begins following the it. Dawn Palmieri and her crew meet up with them, and Dawn catches it, and names it Twitchy.
March 10. Kasumi Ishihara gets a call from Professor David Elm. She allows her son Hiro (12) to join local girl Lyra Silver (13) on an errand for the Professor. Outside the lab, they meet thuggish youth Kamon Leonard (12). Elm offers them each a Pokémon to travel with. The two travel to "Mr. Pokémon's" house outside Cherrygrove City, and retrieve an egg from him.
March 11. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer meet Zoey O'Reilly in Jubilife City. Dawn enters her first contest, losing to Zoey. They become friends and rivals.
March 12. Barry Palmer’s Starly Bomberman evolves into a Staravia.
March 15. While training his Croagunk Macho, Wally Gulbenkian's Bonsly Poser evolves into Sudowoodo.
March 16. Dawn Palmieri and friends arrive in Oreburgh City.
March 17. Barry Palmer wins a Coal Badge from Oreburgh City Gym Leader Roark Colby.
March 19. Lucas Parker wins a Coal Badge.
March 21. Todd Cameron catches an Aipom. It immediately clashes with the rest of the "Todd Squad".
March 22. Todd Cameron gives his still unnamed Aipom to Lucas Parker. Lucas names it High Five.
March 22. Leonard Lunick joins the Pokémon Rangers in Springtown, Fiore. He meets Solana DuBois.
April 1. Barry Palmer learns his Roserade General George Washington has been leaving him at night to perform vigilantism.
April 3. Dawn Palmieri is reunited with her old friend Kenny Davis in the Floaroma Town contest. She beats him in their first match-up.
April 8. Barry Palmer, Dawn Palmieri and Lucas Parker meet sociopathic trainer Paul Dimitriou.
April 9. Sabrina Ayami arrives in Sinnoh.
April 11. Dawn Palmieri and friends enter the Eterna Forest. They meet Cheryl Zbornak there. Ash Ketchum's Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava.
April 12. Dawn Palmieri and friends meet Morgan Gardenia in the Forest. She beats Barry Palmer in battle.
April 13. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer leave Eterna Forest, and Cheryl Zbornak departs.
April 15. Wally Gulbenkian receives an egg after winning a competition with his Croagunk and Sudowoodo.
April 15. Dawn Palmieri catches an aggressive Buizel. She names it Torpedo.
April 17. Barry Palmer challenges Eterna City Gym Leader Morgan Gardenia, and wins a Forest Badge.
April 19. Lucas Parker challenges Morgan Gardenia, and wins a Forest Badge.
April 19. James Von Rich leaves his Cacnea in the care of Morgan Gardenia. He also names it Cacnie.
April 19. Wally Gulbenkian's egg hatches into Happiny. It soon proves to be his strongest Pokémon, and he names it Irony.
April 20. Bill Whatley visits Unova to help set up their upgraded Pokémon Transfer System. His protege Amanita Romano introduces him to Fennel Wang. They begin a series of hook-ups.
April 21. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer meet the Elite trainer Cynthia Black.
April 22. Barry Palmer captures a Murkrow. Red Ketchum trades his Corphish for it.
May 1. Zoey O'Reilly notices the frustration of Dawn Palmieri's Torpedo and Lucas Parker's High Five. She recommends a trade, and High Five is very happy with Dawn. Barry Palmer trades his Corphish to Lucas. Lucas names his Corphish Crawmomma.
May 11. Dawn Palmieri and Red Ketchum's gangs meet up at Leona Davis's hot springs. They also run into Sabrina Ayami, who joins Red's group.
May 15. Dawn Palmieri and the kids have another run-in with Paul Dimitriou when they encounter a rampaging flock of Gligar. Paul catches their lead Gliscor, while Lucas Parker catches a Gligar, which he names Wingnut.
May 17. After Dawn Palmieri and friends arrive in Veilstone City, Gym Leader Maylene Rodriguez refuses to battle. Maylene decides to remain Gym Leader after beating up Lucas Parker in a hand-to-hand fight. He gets off a lucky shot and hurts her nose; she wears a bandage thereafter to honor the inspiration he was to her.
May 19. Barry Palmer defeats Maylene Rodriguez and earns a Cobble Badge.
May 20. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer first take on Team Galactic.
May 21. Lucas Parker defeats Maylene Rodriguez and earns a Cobble Badge. After, the trio meet up with Ash Ketchum's gang, and they decide to travel together.
May 23. Dawn Palmieri's gang meets Pokémon Ranger Kellen Murray, and together they foil a plot by Pokémon Hunter J.
May 26. Jessie Porsley, James Von Rich, Meowth, and Mondo Henry encounter a swarm of Dustox. When Jessie spies a shiny Dustox, she assumes it is time to release Dearest. Dearest refuses to go, so Jessie breaks her Poké Ball and flees. Dearest begins searching for Jessie.
May 28. Barry Palmer sees Azelf.
June 3. Just outside Pastoria City, Jessie Porsley catches a Yanma. Later that day it learns Ancient Power, and evolves into Yanmega.
June 5. Barry Palmer beats Pastoria City Gym Leader Crasher Wake Camaron, earning a Fen Badge.
June 6. Lucas Parker wins a Fen Badge from Crasher Wake. Gary Oak gives Lucas a Razor Fang.
June 7. As the gang leaves Pastoria, Barry Palmer storms off. After a few hours, Dawn Palmieri and Lucas Parker decide to search for him. Barry runs into the forest, where he comes across a Combee dance led by a Vespiquen. The pheromones override his half-Deltan system, and he goes "wild”.
June 9. Lucas Parker falls from a cliff, and his Gligar Wingnut uses its Razor Fang to evolve and save him.
June 10. At Chase Backlot's mansion, Dawn Palmieri meets a happy Swinub. She catches it and names it Pork Bun.
June 11. Red Ketchum and friends meet Aaron White.
June 15. Barry Palmer comes out of his stupor to find he has befriended a Munchlax and a Heracross. After reuniting with Lucas Parker and Dawn Palmieri, he adds his new friends to his team, and names them Bedridden and Horny Devil respectively.
June 16. Amarillo Verde completes her Pokémon Ranger training. She is partnered with a Pachirisu, which she names Sparkles. She meets Solana DuBois, Leo Lunick, and Kellen Murray at the Pokémon Ranger Headquarters in Viridian City.
June 19. Lucas Parker battles Paul Dimitriou. During the battle, Lucas's Turtwig Terra Firma evolves into Grotle.
June 20. Red Ketchum's Bayleef evolves into Meganium.
June 20. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer return to Hearthome City. Barry wins a Relic Badge from Gym Leader Fantina Dior.
June 21. Lucas Parker beats Fantina Dior and earns a Relic Badge.
June 23. Dawn Palmieri's Swinub Pork Bun evolves into Piloswine.
June 24. May Pulaski celebrates her brother Max's 9th birthday by giving him her Skitty Skittish and her Munchlax Gobbledygook.
June 25. Dawn Palmieri's Piloswine Pork Bun evolves into Mamoswine after using Ancient Power. It begins to disobey her.
June 29. Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer arrive in Canalave City. Barry faces Byron Colby and wins a Mine Badge. He runs off and takes a ferry to Iron Island. There he meets Riley Koh.
June 30. Lucas Parker wins a Mine Badge from Byron Colby. He and Dawn Palmieri travel to Iron Island, where they, Barry, Riley, Jessie, James, and Meowth encounter Team Galactic again.
July 1. Barry Palmer's Staravia Bomberman evolves into a Staraptor during a PokéRinger competition.
July 2. Lucas Parker's Corphish Crawmomma evolves into Crawdaunt.
July 5. Harley Cacturne wins the 4999 Hoenn Grand Festival.
July 16. Brendan Birch's Marshtomp Swamp Thing evolves into Swampert.
July 17. At Snowpoint City, Barry Palmer challenges Gym Leader Candice Li, and wins an Icicle Badge. Lucas Parker sees Uxie.
July 18. Lucas Parker beats Candice Li and earns an Icicle Badge.
July 19. Brendan Birch wins the 1999 Hoenn League Emerald Conference, his second year in a row.
July 20. Red Ketchum and friends watch a battle between Paul and his father, Brandon Dimitriou of the Battle Frontier. Paul is easily defeated.
July 21. En route south, Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer are reunited with Red Ketchum and friends. They all meet Henri Louquer of the International Police.
July 25. Lucas Parker, Dawn Palmieri, and Barry Palmer team with Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf to defeat Team Galactic boss Cyrus Robles, on the verge of destroying all time and space. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, Tracey Zimmerman, Gary Oak, Todd Cameron, Casey McGinnis, Sabrina Ayami, and Cynthia Black all help in the final battle with Team Galactic, and the calming of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. During the encounter, Red's Quilava evolves into Typhlosion. In the aftermath, Dawn kisses Red, and Misty kisses Barry in jealousy.
July 27. Lucas Parker battles Paul Dimitriou again. This time, his Chimchar Hotseat evolves into Monferno during the battle.
August 2. Dawn Palmieri and Red Ketchum's gangs return to Twinleaf Town for the Twinleaf Festival. Dawn Palmieri's mom Johanna Androssi challenges her, and Dawn loses. Likewise, Red Ketchum challenges Barry Palmer's dad Fred, and loses as well.
August 16. During a practice battle, Lucas Parker's Monferno Hotseat's Blaze goes out of control, and it evolves into Infernape.
August 20. Dawn Palmieri's gang and Red Ketchum's gang meets Jasmine Irons and Chris Flint outside Sunyshore City. They learn that Dennis Volkner, the gym leader, is being emo, and just giving out Beacon Badges. Red Ketchum and Barry Palmer refuse to take it, and demand Volkner battle them. Watching both boys battle Jasmine and Flint (and lose) turns Volkner on so much, he agrees to battle them.
August 21 (Saturday). Dennis Volkner battles Barry Palmer, who comes out victorious, and earns a Beacon Badge. Volkner begins living again.
August 21. Hiro Ishihara runs into Kris Mojica, who is on a quest to become a Pokémon Idol. They are pulled into a Team Rocket operation, where agents Attila Gordon and Shandra “Hun” Hunt are using a device (of Janos Sebastian’s making) to capture the legendary Pokémon Raikou. They are eventually joined in the rescue of Raikou by their old friend Jackson Vincent and Eusine. They are eventually victorious, and Raikou returns to the wild.
August 22. Lucas Parker battles Dennis Volkner and loses, despite his Grotle Terra Firma evolving into Torterra during the battle.
August 23. Lucas Parker rematches with Dennis Volkner and earns a Beacon Badge.
September 1. Dawn Palmieri wins the 4999 Sinnoh Grand Festival.
September 17. Barry Palmer wins the 4999 Sinnoh League Platinum Conference, defeating Lucas Parker.
September 21. After goodbyes, Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, Tracey Zimmerman, Gary Oak, Todd Cameron, Casey McGinnis, and Sabrina Ayami return to Pallet Town. Sabrina decides to stay with her friends, and moves into Professor Oak's estate.
November 4. Hiro Ishihara wins the 4999 Johto League Silver Conference.


January 29. Gary Oak defeats the Elite Four and World Champion Steven Stone, becoming Champion himself. His reign as Champion will go down as the shortest in history. At the event, Gary's friends gather and meet.
January 30. Red Ketchum defeats the Elite Four and World Champion Gary Oak, becoming Champion himself.
February 15. Brendan Birch, May Pulaski, and Wally Gulbenkian decide to travel through Kanto and Johto with their new friends, Dawn Palmieri, Lucas Parker, and Barry Palmer.
February 16. Brendan and co. visit Pallet Town as the perfect place to start their journey. There, Dawn Palmieri gets May Pulaski and Red Ketchum to become a couple. Professor Sam Oak gives May a baby Squirtle as a gift, which she names Shelly.
February 18. Lyra Silver is called to Professor David Elm's for an errand. Elm gives her a Pokédex, and sends her to visit Mr. Pokémon.

  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (28) arrive at Titan Base on Titan. They team up with Dr. Arne Marius and his robot dog K-9 to defeat the threat of a sapient viral race called the Swarm. Titan Base is destroyed. Dr. Marius gives K-9 as a gift to the Doctor.3

March 8. Lyra Silver finally catches up with May Pulaski, and gives her an egg. She then gives Dawn Palmieri her egg. Lyra decides to join the kids on their travels.
March 9. After meeting Red Ketchum and beating him in a Pokémon battle, Wallace Dvorik dies. After the battle, Red loses his hat. A visiting Harry Masters finds it.
March 10. Burgundy O'Connor (13) receives an Oshawott from Professor Lynn Juniper, and heads out a Pokémon journey. Traveling to Striaton City, she faces Cilas Duffy (13), who easily defeats her. Traumatized by the loss, she vows revenge.
March 11. Harry Masters and Bianca Donaghy visit Professor Lynn Juniper, where they meet Cheren Sagamoto. All three receive a starter Pokémon. Harry gets an Oshawott (which he names Washout), Bianca a Tepig (Hamton), and Cheren a Snivy. Cheren heads off on his own. Harry and Bianca leave Nuvema Town after a confrontation with Bianca's father. They reach Accumula Town, where they and Cheren meet the mysterious N after viewing a Team Plasma rally.
March 11. Holly Forrest begins her Pokémon journey from her home in Castelia City.
March 12. Iris Rowan visits her stepbrothers at the Striaton City gym.
March 12. Harry Masters and Bianca Donaghy arrive in Striaton City. They travel to the gym/restaurant, where they meet the Duffy brothers Cilas, Charlie, and Chris. Harry challenges Cilas, and wins a Trio Badge. Bianca does the same against Chris, winning a Trio Badge herself. The brothers decide to travel the country, and Cilas joins Harry and Bianca on their journey.
March 12. Harry, Bianca, and Cilas visit Fennel Wang, and meet Bill Whatley and Amanita Romano. Bianca and Fennel go to the Dreamyard, followed by Harry and Cilas, where Bianca befriends a Munna. They have a run-in with Team Plasma, and Harry defeats the grunt. The Munna joins Bianca's team and she names it Dreamboat.
March 12. Cheren Sagamoto challenges Charlie Duffy, and with the help of a Panpour given to him by Chris Duffy, he wins a Trio Badge himself.
April 29. On the eve of the Kanto Grand Festival, Dawn Palmieri agrees to go on a date with Kenny Davis. Lucas Parker has a panic attack. His parents and sisters arrive, and take him home after he is placed on medication.
April 29. Wally Gulbenkian asks Barry Palmer to be his boyfriend, who agrees.
April 30. Dawn Palmieri wins the 5000 Kanto Grand Festival.
June 8. Burgundy O'Connor returns to Striaton City, seeking revenge. Finding Cilas away, she defeats Charlie Duffy, earning a Trio Badge. She decides a better way to get at Cilas is to break his brother's heart, and she starts flirting with him.
September 19. Burgundy O'Connor convinces Charlie Duffy to leave Striaton Gym for good, and to meet up with his friends and brother Chris. Cilas decides to close the gym/restaurant down, and travels with Charlie to Icirrus City, where they are united with Chris, Harry Masters, Holly Forrest, Bianca Donaghy, and Iris Rowan.
October 9. Jendayi Mazhindu calls off her relationship with Rudy Delacroix, leaving Trovita Island.


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