Timeline: 4998



January 19. Brendan Birch's Snorunt evolves into Glalie.
January 21. Red Ketchum and his friends travel to the Hoenn. Arriving in Slateport City, they first run across Casey McGinnis. Also in Slateport that day are Brendan Birch, May and Max Pulaski, and Wally Gulbenkian. They bring the gang home to the Birch lab in Littleroot Town, and introduce them to Professor Herbert Birch. The kids encounter Sabrina Ayami, and she grudgingly decides to travel with them for a while. Casey names Sabrina's Haunter Giggles. Red and his friends set out to allow Red to pursue his goal of defeating all of Hoenn's gym leaders starting in Rustboro City, while Brendan, May, Wally, and Max decide to instead travel to Petalburg City.
January 25. James Von Rich catches a Cacnea.
January 28. Jessie Porsley catches a Seviper after beating it into submission.
February 14. Jessie Porsley catches a Wurmple.
February 16. Red Ketchum catches a Corphish.
February 16. Jessie Porsley's Wurmple evolves into Cascoon. Jessie believes it is a Silcoon.
February 22. Brendan Birch challenges Norman Pulaski, Petalburg City Gym Leader, to a battle. Norman is defeated, earning Brendan a Balance Badge.
March 6. Jessie Porsley's Cascoon Silcoon evolves into a Dustox. Jessie begins to call it Dearest.
April 18. James Von Rich catches a Chimecho.
May 15. Jack Bowman wins the 4998 Indigo Conference.
May 17. Red Ketchum's Phanpy evolves into Donphan.
June 3. Team Rocket's Jessie, James, Meowth, and Mondo travel to James's summer house. James leaves his Chimecho there (revealing a name for it — Chimie), and catches a wild Mime Jr.
June 22. Wes David, a member of Team Snagem (an offshoot of Team Rocket), defects with his Espeon and Umbreon, taking the Snag Machine and blowing up one of their Orre bases.
July 5. Drew Rose defeats May Pulaski in the final round of the Hoenn League Grand Festival.
July 19. Brendan Birch defeats Red Ketchum in the final round of the Hoenn League Emerald Conference.
July 20. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, Tracey Zimmerman, Gary Oak, and Todd Cameron travel back to Pallet Town. Sabrina Ayami goes off on her own. Casey McGinnis returns to New Bark Town.
July 24. Casey McGinnis meets Violet City Electabuzz player Corey DiMarrio. Casey is able to get Corey to regain his confidence.
August 1. Brendan Birch's Grovyle Ferntastic evolves into Sceptile.
September 6. Wally Gulbenkian catches a Bonsly, and names it Poser.
October 15. Gilbert Johannes receives a starter Pokémon. Gilbert helps Professor Sam Oak and Tracey Zimmerman recover the Pokémon. He comes to like the Bulbasaur, and decides to take the Pokémon as his own.
October 30. Brock Iwa discovers that his father Flint’s new wife Lola Gale is attempting to turn the Gym into a Water Gym. He battles Lola for the right to choose the theme of the Gym and wins.
November 2. Gary Oak discovers the Pokémon Melassa after a bad case of gas is received as a mating call by the mysterious new Pokémon. He captures it.
November 4. Casey McGinnis wins the 4998 Johto League Silver Conference.
November 14. Misty Waterflower returns to Cerulean City and faces some trouble when she takes over as gym leader.
November 21. Sakura Miyamoto visits Misty Waterflower (and Tracey Zimmerman) in Cerulean City, and challenges her to a gym battle. Sakura wins, earning herself the Cascade Badge.

  • November 28. Casey McGinnis and Tracey Zimmerman come to visit Misty Waterflower on the same day that a boy named Giorgio Serlione asks her out. They are able to stop Team Rocket agents Butch Yong and Cassidy Willows from stealing Giorgio’s Delcatty. Misty goes on a date with Giorgio that night, and they eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.2

December 1. Richie Cummings, traveling through Hoenn, encounters Celebi and disappears. Celebi asks Mew to create a simulacrum of Richie, which continues on Richie’s journey.


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