Timeline: 4997



  • January 6. Richie Cummings (11) comes across a wild Pupitar, which he names Cruise. His Charmander Zippo evolves into a Charmeleon during the battle.
  • January 17. Brendan Birch (10) decides he wants to begin a Pokémon journey. He asks his best friend, May Pulaski, to join him. They go to Brendan’s father, Professor Herbert Birch, who gives them each a starter Pokémon. Brendan receives a Treecko, and May gets a Torchic.

January 19. Brendan Birch and May Pulaski travel to Petalburg City, where they encounter May's dad, Norman, who refuses to battle such novices. Brendan saves local boy Wally Gulbenkian from Norman's wrath. Wally becomes enamored with Brendan, and he becomes close to Brendan and May. He also keeps a Ralts.
January 20. Duplica Brewster catches a second Ditto, which she names Mini-Dit.
January 20. Brendan Birch catches a Taillow.
January 21. May Pulaski has her first Pokémon battle against Pokémon/shorts enthusiast Nikolai Ryzhkov. Her Torchic loses to his Mudkip.
January 24. Wally Gulbenkian catches a Lotad..
January 27. Red Ketchum catches a Cyndaquil.
February 1. May Pulaski catches a Wurmple. She names it Lovebug.

  • February 3. Time Agent Elesa Kamitsure (28/2858) arrives in this time period on assignment, with miscalculations resulting in her traveling to the future and not the past. She travels to the Unova region of Biisere.1

February 5. Brendan Birch challenges Rustboro City Gym Leader Roxanne Liu, and wins a Stone Badge.
February 6. After arriving in Azalea Town, Red Ketchum turns the GS Ball over to Kurt Takana. Brock Iwa catches a Pineco with the Heavy Ball Kurt gives him. Red battles the Gym Leader, Warren “Bugsy” Buchanan, and wins the Hive Badge.
February 6. Craig Abramowitz meets a hiker named Anthony, and recommends him to Captain Heather Dane as an employee. Impressed with him, she hires him on.
February 7. May Pulaski challenges Roxanne Liu, and loses.
February 10. Jessie Porsley accidentally trades her Lickitung to Benny Androssi, receiving a Wobbuffet.
February 11. Brendan Birch, May Pulaski, and Wally Gulbenkian meet Devon Corp. head Joseph Stone and his son Steven.
February 19. The Annual Pokémon Fire-Fighting competition is held, and Red Ketchum lends his Squirtle to an Officer Jenny so that it may compete, teaming up with its old associates, the Squirtle Squad. Red decides to leave Squirtle with her permanently.
February 21. Hiro Ishihara, Kris Mojica, and Jackson Vincent decide to become Pokémon trainers. Hiro gets a Cyndaquil, Kris gets a Totodile, which she names Wani Wani, and Jackson gets a Chikorita, which he names Kris.
February 22. Red Ketchum and Misty Waterflower encounter a wild Totodile. They both try to catch it, and have a battle to determine who gets to keep it. Red is ultimately victorious. Misty's Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl during the fight.
February 24. Gary Oak’s Eevee evolves into Umbreon.
February 27. Red Ketchum catches a shiny Noctowl.
February 28. Hiro Ishihara challenges Violet City Gym Leader Falkner Kao, earning the Zephyr Badge.
March 2. Hiro Ishihara and Jackson Vincent arrive in Azalea Town. Casey McGinnis battles Macey Cousins, and wins again. She trades Mousey for Macey's extra Cyndaquil, which she names Backburner. Casey runs into Hiro and kisses him, causing him to run away crying. After having a brief confrontation with some Team Rocket goons in a Slowpoke well, Hiro soon defeats Bugsy Buchanan to earn the Hive Badge. Jackson goes off on his own, and Hiro joins up with Casey. He also runs into Kris Mojica.
March 6. Brendan Birch defeats Dewford Town Gym Leader Timothy "Brawly" Frost, and earns a Knuckle Badge.
March 9. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower (12), and Brock Iwa arrive in Goldenrod City. Red loses a battle to Gym Leader Whitney Roberts.
March 10. May Pulaski's Wurmple Lovebug evolves into Silcoon.
March 10. Red Ketchum (12) wins the Plain Badge from Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney Roberts in a very rematch.
March 10. Hiro Ishihara and Casey McGinnis arrive in Goldenrod City. They are reunited with Jackson Vincent, and the three meet Whitney Roberts. He and Casey both earn Plain Badges.
March 11. Spencer Hale is killed in an archaeological dig. His now orphaned daughter Molly interacts with Unown, who give her power to make up for killing her father. She creates an Entei surrogate father, and has it abduct Delia Ketchum. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, and their new friend Lisa Marsden, along with the Team Rocket trio, work together to stop the Unown and save Delia. Red’s Charizard briefly returns to aid in the rescue.[2]
March 12. Brendan Birch and friends come across a Mudkip taking care of wayward Mudkip. He catches this Mudkip, naming it Swamp Thing.
March 13. Red Ketchum catches a Beedrill and gives it to Casey McGinnis. Her Chikorita Yellowbutt evolves into Bayleef.
March 16. Kenny Davis receives a Pokémon Trainer License from Professor Karl Rowan, and a starter Pokémon, Piplup.
March 21. Brock Iwa's Zubat evolves into a Golbat.
March 26. Brock Iwa returns his Vulpix to Susan Cummings.
March 27. May Pulaski's Silcoon Lovebug evolves into Beautifly.
April 2. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa briefly reunite with Duplica Brewster again.
April 3. May Pulaski, Brendan Birch, and Wally Gulbenkian arrive in Slateport City. There they have their first brief run-in with Team Aqua, with deputy leader Shelly Cox in command. May enters her first contest.
April 3. Drew Rose sees May Pulaski from afar, and is intrigued. He begins to shadow her journey, hoping to meet her.
April 4. Gladys Muchmoney’s Snubbull Victoria returns to her owner and evolves into Granbull.
April 9. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, Jessie Porsley, James Von Rich, and Meowth accidentally stumble upon a Team Rocket operation to capture Mewtwo. They all assist Mewtwo in defeating Team Rocket boss Giovanni, whose memory of Mewtwo is erased. Mewtwo allows his allies to retain their memories this time, also restoring their memories of the prior encounter. Mewtwo’s group disperses to the wild.
April 11. A Houndoom encounters Misty Waterflower’s temporarily lost Togepi.
April 13. Red Ketchum battles Ecruteak City Gym Leader Morty Killinger and wins the Fog Badge.
April 14. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet the Kimono Sisters. Misty befriends Sakura Miyamoto, the youngest.
April 27. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa run into Todd Cameron again, who rejoins them.
May 2. May Pulaski, Brendan Birch, and Wally Gulbenkian meet Drew Rose for the first time. He and May begin a bizarre rivalry.
May 6. Todd Cameron once again leaves his friends.
May 9. Todd Cameron encounters Burglar Jared Morse, who is using his Zigzagoon to harass a Machop. Todd uses his Pokémon to frighten Morse away, and the Machop and Zigzagoon join Todd’s Squad of Pokémon as Biceppi and Madam Mask.
May 15. Richie Cummings wins the 4997 Indigo Conference.
May 20. Brock Iwa's Golbat evolves into Crobat.
May 26. Brendan Birch, May Pulaski, and Wally Gulbenkian enter Mauville City, meeting Mayor Kenneth Wattson. They help him root out corruption in the City Council. Brendan challenges him, and earns a Dynamo Badge.
May 28. Red Ketchum’s Chikorita evolves into Bayleef.
June 2. May Pulaski catches a lost Skitty, which she names Skittish.
June 6. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet a time-displaced Sammy Oak (12/1957) and stop evil Team Rocket agent Victor Ryder from capturing Celebi (though he does manage to briefly kill Celebi).
June 19. May Pulaski, Brendan Birch, and Wally Gulbenkian meet Flannery Moore (15). Brendan challenges her, and wins a Heat Badge.
June 21. Brendan Birch catches a Torkoal. He names it "St. Helen".
June 24. Misty Waterflower catches a Corsola with her Lure Ball.
June 24. Sakura Miyamoto’s Eevee evolves into Espeon.
June 30. Red Ketchum battles Misty Waterflower in the Whirl Cup. Misty wins.
July 1. Misty Waterflower is defeated in the Whirl Cup.

  • July 3. Red, Misty, and Brock, reunited with old acquaintance Richie Cummings, stop a conspiracy by Team Rocket scientist Kieran Namba and agents Butch Yong and Cassidy Willows involving clones of Lugia.2

July 5. Red Ketchum battles Olivine City Gym Leader Jasmine Irons and wins a Mineral Badge.
July 7. Red Ketchum sends his Bulbasaur back to Professor Sam Oak to help maintain peace amongst the Pokémon living there.
July 10. Reunited with Misty Waterflower and her friends, Sakura Miyamoto decides to begin her own journey.
July 11. Red Ketchum and friends meet Eugene “Eusine” Sinclair.
July 17. Red Ketchum wins a race, and receives a Phanpy egg as prize.
July 19. Casey McGinnis’s Bayleef Yellowbutt evolves into Meganium.
July 19. Sidney Curtis wins the 4997 Hoenn League Emerald Conference. With his victory, he joins Steven Stone's Hoenn Elite Four initiative.
July 20. After years of bureaucratic red tape, Steven Stone and the various nominees for Hoenn's new Elite Four hold a small elimination tournament for the Hoenn League's Champion role. Steven is ultimately victorious, with Sidney Curtis, Barnaby Drake, Glacia Sorenson, and Phoebe Inouye taking positions as the Elite Four.
July 23. Red Ketchum’s egg hatches into Phanpy.
July 25. Wally Gulbenkian's Lotad Salsa falls down a well and evolves into a Lombre.
July 27. Suzie Cummings uses a Fire Stone on her Vulpix, evolving it into Ninetales.
August 2. Red Ketchum challenges Mahogany Town Gym Leader Colin Pryce to a Gym battle and earns the Glacier Badge after helping him reconnect with his lost Piloswine.
August 3. During a battle, Brendan Birch's Treecko Ferntastic evolves into a Grovyle.
August 28. Bonnie Lumiose is born in Lumiose City, Kalos.
September 3. Misty Waterflower uses Red's King's Rock on her Poliwhirl, evolving it into Politoed.
September 7. Norman Pulaski demands the kids take May's little brother Max with them for a while.
September 15-16. Red Ketchum begins his gym battle against Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair Saito. Ultimately Red wins, receiving the Rising Badge.
September 18. May Pulaski comes across a random wild Bulbasaur, and catches it. She names it Aphrodite.
September 21. Misty Waterflower battles Coastline “gym” leader Dorian Sinclair, and wins.
September 26. Red Ketchum and friends aid Latias and Latios against Team Rocket agents Annie and Oakley Presley.
September 28. Red Ketchum is briefly reunited with his old Lapras. He is also given an egg to bring to Professor David Elm.
September 29. Red Ketchum's egg hatches into Larvitar.
September 30. Cynthia Black's application for the Sinnoh Elite Four is approved. She recruits Bertha Tan, Aaron White, Chris Flint, and Lucian Sakurai. Her boyfriend, Riley Koh, declines.
October 1. Brock Iwa’s Pineco evolves into Forretress.
October 1. During a PokéRinger tournament, Brendan Birch's Taillow Swoops evolves into Swellow.
October 6. Casey McGinnis manages to catch an Elekid, which she later names Electabuzz in an attempt to get it to evolve faster. During that same adventure, James Von Rich's Victreebel leaves him, departing with James's new Victreebel.
October 13. Brendan Birch challenges Fortree City Gym Leader Winona Asuna, winning a Feather Badge.
October 19. Red Ketchum releases his Larvitar to its mother, a Tyranitar, rather than capture it.
October 20. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet Harrison Gold. Harrison catches a Sneasel.
October 21. Brendan Birch, May Pulaski, Wally Gulbenkian, and Max Pulaski meet the Harley Cacturne. Wally's Ralts Bean evolves into Kirlia.
October 24. Red Ketchum beats Macey Cousins in his first round of the Johto League Silver Conference.
October 24. Kris Mojica, Harrison Gold, Gary Oak, Sakura Miyamoto, Richie Cummings, and Casey McGinnis all win their first round robin matches.
October 24. Wally Gulbenkian's Lombre Salsa evolves into Ludicolo after accidentally grabbing a Water Stone in someone's bag.
October 25. Red Ketchum’s Bulbasaur is transferred back to Red, where he is happily reunited with his old friend Squirtle (brought by Officer Jenny to help Red as well).
October 26. Red Ketchum draws with Jackson Vincent in the second round robin match of the Conference. Casey McGinnis beats Sakura Miyamoto. Gary Oak beats Richie Cummings. Harrison Gold and Kris Mojica progress as well.
October 29. Red Ketchum battles Gary Oak in a full battle in the quarterfinal round of the Silver Conference. Red is ultimately victorious. Casey McGinnis defeats Kris Mojica, and Harrison Gold also progresses.
November 1. Red Ketchum battles Harrison Gold in the semifinal round of the Johto League. Harrison eventually loses.[3] Casey McGinnis also makes it to the final round.
November 4. Red Ketchum faces Casey McGinnis in the final round of the Johto League Silver Conference. Red wins.
November 4. Professor Sam Oak offers to drive the Red Ketchum and his friends back to Pallet Town with him and Delia.
November 8. Brendan Birch challenges Moss Deep City Gym Leaders Tate and Liza Jones to a battle. He loses initially.
November 11. Brendan Birch once again challenges Tate and Liza Jones, this time alongside May Pulaski. They are victorious, and both receive the Mind Badge.
December 4. A Munchlax hatches outside Slateport City in Hoenn on Biisere.
The Team Rocket trio discovers Jessie Porsley’s old Lickitung in a crate, and steals it back.
December 15. Brendan Birch catches a mischievous Snorunt.
December 22. Wielding the Red and Blue Orbs, Team Magma leader Maxie Cox and Team Aqua Leader Archie Cox are incinerated. Their deaths summon Groudon and Kyogre. They begin to battle, and the environment of Hoenn begins to shift violently with earthquakes and intense storms.
December 23. Brendan Birch, May Pulaski, Max Pulaski, and Wally Gulbenkian meet the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. It acknowledges Brendan, and drags him onto its back, then flies to the outskirts of Sootopolis City, where it calms Kyogre and Groudon. They retreat back into their dwellings.
December 23. While Brendan is gone, May and Wally face Team Magma and Team Aqua's remaining grunts who try to kill them. While hiding, Max meets the legendary Pokémon Jirachi, and they "fall in love".
December 27. Brendan Birch's Mudkip Swamp Thing evolves into Marshtomp.
December 28. After a few days in Sootopolis City, Brendan Birch challenges Juan Aponte and wins a Rain Badge.


2^ Events of anime film Pokémon: Spell of the Unown (2000). The film features the miraculous survival of not only Molly's father, but in the end credits the survival of her missing for years mother. I am ignoring that.
3^ The events of the beginning of the Pokémon anime episodes "Playing with Fire!" and "Johto Photo Finish" (both 2002). I have altered the original ending (Ash's defeat) in order to end the anime's dominance of the Pokémon storyline for this timeline, as his continuous failure and further travels complicates issues with May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, etc. With Red victorious, he can go on to challenge the Elite Four and eventually be the badass Red from Pokémon Gold and Silver.

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