Timeline: 4995



January 21. A Krabby hatches on the beach near Bill Whatley's Lighthouse in Kanto.
February 8. A Venonat hatches in the Orange Islands of Biisere.

  • February 14. William Giovanni (36) gives Jessie Porsley (17) an Ekans for her birthday.1
  • February 26. Christine and Todd Cameron are killed in the fall of a ski lift engineered by agents of The Mayor. Their surviving son, Todd Jr. (9), is briefly institutionalized.2

February 28. Misty Waterflower (10) runs away from home. She heads southwest.
March 4. A Squirtle hatches on the Oak Laboratory estate.
March 6. A large number of Grimer hatch in Gringy City, Kanto.
March 9. A Caterpie hatches in the Viridian Forest of Kanto.
March 10. Pallet Town children Ash "Red" Ketchum, Gary Oak (sometimes called Blue), and two others turn 10 years old and are given Pokémon Trainer Licenses by Professor Sam Oak. Gary and the two other children are given a Squirtle, a Bulbasaur, and a Charmander. Red, who arrives late, receives a recalcitrant Pikachu (1). They each separately set out on Pokémon journeys.[2] En route to Viridian City, Red runs into Misty Waterflower and forcefully borrows her bicycle, which his Pikachu shortly destroys during a Spearow attack. That night, Red and Misty arrive in Viridian City and take Pikachu to the Pokémon Center. Team Rocket junior agents Jessie Porsley, James Von Rich V (16), and Meowth (11) attack the Pokémon Center, which Pikachu defends. Misty takes another trainer's Goldeen from the Center without permission.[3]
March 11. Red Ketchum, followed by Misty Waterflower, enters Viridian Forest. He encounters a Caterpie and catches it.[4]
March 12. Red Ketchum encounters a Pidgeotto and captures it. During his second run in with Team Rocket agents Jessie, James, and Meowth, his Caterpie gains enough experience to evolve into Metapod.[5]
March 13. The Henry family's home is invaded by a psychopathic killer, Victor Ryder, who kills Pericles and Sophie before being landed on by a blasted-off Team Rocket trio. The couple's son Doug (9) is subsequently remanded to the state's custody.[6]
March 13. Judy Logan, a girl traveling with her Squirtle, encounters a wild Ponyta. She uses the Squirtle to capture the Ponyta, and after succeeding, she discards the Squirtle in a subsequent display of forgetfulness.
March 13. Red Ketchum’s Metapod evolves into Butterfree in mid-battle with a Pinsir.[7]
March 14. Doug Henry is taken to the Viridian City Home for Children without Pokémon or Parents. He meets Amarillo Verde (8).
March 21. Pallet Town boy Phil Samuel meets another trainer named Damien Ai. He accepts a trade offer from Damien for a Feebas in exchange for his Charmander.
March 23. Gary Oak arrives in Pewter City. He challenges Brock Iwa (13) to a battle, and wins a Boulder Badge.
March 26. Red Ketchum and Misty Waterflower arrive in Pewter City. Red battles the gym leader, Brock Iwa, for the Boulder Badge, and loses.[8]
March 27. Red Ketchum again challenges Brock Iwa, and this time wins a Boulder Badge. Flint Iwa returns and takes over for Brock as custodian for his younger siblings and the Gym, and Brock joins Red and Misty on their journey.[9]
March 30. Brock Iwa catches a Zubat while he and his friends are passing under Mt. Moon.[10]
April 1. One of the Grimer in Gringy City evolves into a Muk, and dominates its Grimer brethren.
April 2. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa enter Cerulean City. Misty's sisters Lily, Daisy, and Violet (all three 15) try to give Red the Cascade Badge without effort, but Misty, the Gym's true Leader, rejects this. She battles Red, but is ultimately defeated, and Red earns the Cascade Badge.[11]
April 3. Tracey Zimmerman (12) finds a Venonat in a trashcan. He adopts it as his own.
April 7. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa stumble upon a “hidden village” of wayward Pokémon, watched over by a strange girl named Melanie Sloan and a Bulbasaur (32). Red eventually captures the Bulbasaur.[12]
April 10. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa come across a stray Charmander. When its trainer Damien Ai rejects it again, it joins Red’s team.[13]
April 13. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa run afoul of the Squirtle Squad. Eventually, the Squad Leader joins Red.[14]
April 18. Todd Cameron is moved from the Lloyd Institute for Troubled Youngsters to the Viridian City Home for Children without Pokémon or Parents. Fellow orphans Doug Henry and Amarillo Verde befriend him.
April 21. Dr. Bill Whatley (23) throws a party at his Lighthouse. He gets drunk, and ends up stuck in a Kabuto costume.
April 22. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa arrive at Bill's Lighthouse in northeastern Kanto. Red catches a Krabby, which transfers to Professor Oak's lab. The kids meet Bill Whatley, and help him out of his Kabuto costume.[15]
April 26. Red Ketchum and his friends arrive in Vermilion City. Red battles "Lightning Unovan" Lieutenant Daniel Surge (35) for the Thunder Badge.[16]
April 29. A Horsea hatches in the ocean water south of Porta Vista, Kanto, Biisere.
May 20. While visiting Porta Vista, Red Ketchum runs into Gary Oak. Gary meets Misty Waterflower for the first time.[17]
May 23. Misty Waterflower catches a Horsea during a crisis with a giant Tentacruel.[18]
May 31. Red Ketchum’s Butterfree becomes enamored with a shiny pink Butterfree. Red releases it to mate.[19]
June 20. Sabrina Ayami (13) suffers a psychotic break, and succumbs to dissociative identity disorder. She lashes out against her parents, and her father barely escapes. Her mother is forced to live in a hallucination that she is a doll.
June 23. Red Ketchum and his friends enter Saffron City, where they encounter Sabrina Ayami, the mad telepathic gym leader. During the battle, Sabrina’s Abra (1) evolves into Kadabra. With Red defeated, he and his friends flee.[20]
June 26. In Lavender Town, a Haunter decides to join Red Ketchum on his journey.[21]
June 29. Red Ketchum battles Sabrina Ayami for the second time, again being defeated. However, Red’s erstwhile Haunter appears to Sabrina, and it effects a mental searing together of Sabrina’s mind, fusing her personalities, at which point she releases her mother, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa from the mental seizure she has them held in. Sabrina gives Red the Marsh Badge as the Haunter had "defeated" Kadabra. Red’s Haunter opts to stay with Sabrina.[22]
July 1. Red Ketchum and friends encounter a wild Mankey that steals Red's hat. The Pokémon evolves in its rage, but Red eventually catches the Primeape.[23]
July 5. Soledad Marcos wins the 4995 Hoenn Grand Festival.
July 6. In Celadon City, Red Ketchum battles Erika Green (15) for the Rainbow Badge. He is victorious.[24]
July 10. Misty Waterflower accidentally catches a wild Psyduck (2).[25]
July 16. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet Pokémon breeder Suzie Cummings. She gives her Vulpix to Brock.
July 19. Red Ketchum enters his Primeape in the P-1 Fighting Competition. Red wins, and lends his Primeape to another contestant, Anthony Jameson.
July 22. Red Ketchum catches a Muk that leads a group of Grimer in the ridiculous Gringy City. He transfers it to Professor Oak's lab.
July 27. Jessie Porsley’s Ekans and James Von Rich’s (17) Koffing evolve into Arbok and Weezing due to the love of Jessie and James.
August 1. On the outskirts of Fuchsia City, Red Ketchum battles Takeshi Koga for the Soul Badge, and wins.
August 3. Red Ketchum wins a Pokémon race. Also participating in the race is a boy named Jake Mackenzie, riding on his Electrode, the Big Bomber.
August 4. Red Ketchum catches thirty Tauros in the Safari Zone.
September 7. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa (14) meet Duplica Brewster and her Ditto.
October 8. Doug Henry escapes from his group home. He takes Todd Cameron with him.
October 22. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet the Mulcahey ("Battlin' Eevee") brothers, including Mikey. Mikey decides not to evolve his Eevee.
November 18. Red Ketchum’s Charmander evolves into Charmeleon.
November 23. Tracey Zimmerman catches a Marill.
November 27. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Iwa meet a wild Jigglypuff outside Neon Town in southern Orre. The Jigglypuff begins to follow the gang.
December 4. Red Ketchum's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard after facing an Aerodactyl. Red finds an egg, and Brock Iwa begins to care for it.
December 13. Todd Cameron abandons Doug Henry.
December 16. Red Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Iwa, Jessie Porsley, and Meowth (12) accompany James Von Rich V to his parents’ home and meet his betrothed, Jessibelle Montgomery. James manages to escape.
December 20. Brock Iwa’s egg hatches into a Togepi and Misty Waterflower keeps it after a contest.
December 24. Mewtwo becomes aware, and bursts free from its incubation chamber. Upon its first actual contact with humans, Mewtwo becomes enraged by the scientists, and kills them all. Team Rocket leader William Giovanni (37) arrives on the scene and offers Mewtwo a place in his organization, which it accepts.
December 27. Jessie Porsley catches a wild Lickitung prior to competing in a girls-only Pokémon tournament.


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